Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Recap!

This weekend was Greek weekend at Texas A&M. We headed to College Station bright and early on Saturday morning for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity Alumni reunion and had so much fun! It has become a tradition for us to stop at Rudy's for breakfast taco's on the way to College Station so we did that first. Have you ever had their breakfast tacos? They are SO yummy & cheap!

When we got to CS we went to a couple book stores to do a little shopping for some new Aggie gear then headed over to the Kappa Sigma house for lunch. Tons of Chris's fraternity brothers were there and I got to spend time with my friend's Laura & JJ.

After a couple of hours there we were ready to tailgate! Laura & I are not beer drinkers so we got a couple Cherry Limeade's at Sonic and just added a little Vodka and we had ourselves a yummy cocktail for tailgating.

Around 5 we headed in to Kyle Field for the A&M vs. Idaho game. A&M KILLED Idaho...37 to 7! WHOHOO! I had one happy hubby :) After the game we headed to Northgate to meet up with everyone. We got a great area on the rooftop at The Corner and hung out there for a few hours then we were all starving so we stopped by Antonio's Pizza for some Pizza before heading back to our hotels! Sunday morning we slept in until 8:30 (that is late for us!) then headed home! Of course we stopped at Rudy's AGAIN on the way out of town. Can you tell we love their breakfast tacos?!

Once we got home it was cleaning, cooking and laundry time. I wanted to try a new crockpot recipe for pork chops that I found so I got that cooking, baked some brownies, made some egg salad for the week and Chris went grocery shopping for us.
It was such a fun weekend and nice to spend time with our Dallas Aggie friends :)

Happy Monday!

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Lindsey said...

How cute is y'alls A&M gear?? But how can you not drink beer???!!!! I have heard amazing things about Rudys breakfast tacos, but have yet to have one. Must. Try. Immed.