Friday, October 26, 2012

{Friday Thoughts & Funnies}

Hellooooo, Friday and helloooooo FALL!  Welcome to Houston, FINALLY!
I got to wear boots, a long sleeve shirt and a scarf today...happy day. 
Speaking of scarfs....I LOVE my new scarf I got in the LOFT 50% off sale on Wednesday :)
A couple things I am a little sad about... Madonna was in concert this week and I missed it.  And Christian Louboutin was in town last week and I missed it.  I am usually on top of things that are happening around town but I guess my priorities have already started to shift and the fact that I spent the last 4 weeks in bed every waking second that I was not at work has something to do with it ;)  Oh well, maybe next time around...
When we moved back to The Woodlands in February I really hoped we would move into a neighborhood that had couples that were around our age and hoped it would be filled with babies and kids.  Well, my wish came true!!  Back in February we were the 2nd or 3rd family to move into our subdivision and now, 9 months later, it is almost 100% full.  So, this weekend is our first neighborhood block party!  YAY!  We are so excited to finally meet all of the neighbors and I am not going to lie...I am super excited about all the food.  It is kind of a pot luck thing, so everyone is bringing a couple dishes.  I am taking full advantage of having my appetite back these days :) 
The rest of our weekend will be filled with relaxing, watching movies, church on Sunday and maybe a massage for me!  
Oh and a trip to Babies-R-Us!  We made our 1st trip to Baby's 1st here in Houston yesterday just to start looking at nursery furniture and get an idea of what we liked. And oh my...I was in Heaven.  If we had known the sex already, we would have walked out of there broke.  Any of you Houston ladies, ever been to Baby's 1st??  If not... go, immediately.  Especially if you are pregnant or looking for a baby shower gift for someone.  And don't bother looking at their website.  It is pretty boring and disappointing.  Just go straight to the store :)   So, next up is Babies-R-Us... we are just going to look around and see what we like!  
And now I will leave you with a few of my favorite Pinterest funnies from the past week...
Happy Friday, friends!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jack & Jill Gender Test at 12 Weeks!

At our last doctor appointment one of my first questions was "Can we PLEASE find out the sex before Christmas?"   She said most likely not because she does not do that ultrasound until 18-20 weeks and that would put us right at Christmas or the week after.... Boo. 
SO...she started telling us about another option we have....
The Center for Medical Genetics (CMG) located here in Houston offers what is known as a Jack & Jill test ( Fetal DNA gender test) .  Houston is the only place in the US that you can get this test done apparently and people from all over come to find out the gender of their baby at 12 or 13 weeks. 
Here is how it works:
The baby's blood is already present in the mommas blood. So, when you go in for your appt. they take a vial of blood from the mom then test it to look for a Y Chromosome. Y Chromosome's are only present in boys.  So, if they find it, then you are having a boy!  If they don't, then you are having a girl.  Sounds pretty easy, huh? 
The test is 99% accurate and my doctor said that out of all her patients that have done the test ( which she said 95% of her patients get it done ) there has only been one that was wrong.  And that ended up being because her sample was mixed up with someone else's.  Technically it was not wrong, but they just gave her the wrong results.  You get the test results back in 7 days or less. 
Ove the past week I have asked quite a few friends if they had the option of having this test done or if they have ever heard of it.  There are definitely more people than not that have never even heard of it, but I did find 3 friends who have had it done, and several others who knew about it but did not have it done.  I am not sure why but not all doctors in the area will even tell you about this test.  My doctor has no problem with it and recommends her patients get it!  Not only do you get to know the sex super early but they also do an ultrasound at your appt. so you can see the baby :)  I wanted to do it for that reason as much as finding out the sex!! Last time we saw Baby C, I was 6 weeks and 3 days and he/she was just a tiny blob of cells. 
Also...just an does not cover this test. Obviously.  BUT, since we have chosen to have a couple of the genetic tests, they are throwing in the J & J test for free!  Our doctor said that they do that for everyone who gets some of the genetic tests.  If you wanted to get it done and just pay for it, I read on a few forums that it is about $150 out of pocket. 
My girlfriends that had the testing done had nothing but great things to say about it and it was correct for all of them.  We feel really comfortable and happy with our decision to go thru with both the genetic tests and the J & J test.   
We have our appt. at the CMG on Monday morning and we are SO excited!  I really had my heart set on knowing the baby's sex before Christmas and now we can make that happen! 
And I am not going to lie...I am ready to start shopping :) 
Have any of you heard of the J & J test or had it done? 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bump Update- 11 Weeks!

How far along? 11 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss:  As of Friday, I had lost 3.5 lbs in the past 4 weeks
Maternity clothes? I have a couple pairs of maternity slacks that I wear to work.  They are still a little too big but they are much more comfortable than my regular work pants.  Made my first maternity bra purchase yesterday and so glad I old bras were just about cutting off my circulation.  This one is much better.
Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Waking up alot throughout the night but usually can go back to sleep easily.  Still having to go to the bathroom 2-4 times a night.
Best moment this week: Hearing baby's heartbeat at our doctor appt. on Friday :)  It was a strong 168!
Miss Anything? Nothing really.  Would LOVE to have more energy though!
Movement: Not yet
Food cravings: Cold fruit...especially strawberries!  And all kinds of pasta...mac & cheese, spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Most red meat and mint gum.  I used to chew gum all day, every day, now I can't stand it.
Have you started to show yet: It is not big but I definitely have a little bump.  2 ladies I work with noticed it last Thursday. :) 
Gender prediction: Started out thinking it was a boy but now I feel like it is a girl.  Even our doctor said she thinks it is a girl!  Thanks to living in Houston and some options we have, we will actually be able to find out in a little over a week!!  More on that later...
Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!  In the evenings when I am really tired I tend to be a little irritable but MOST of the time I catch myself before I snap.  Wooosahhhhh...

Symptoms:  Still dealing with heartburn almost every day, exhausted and I burp all the time. Ha! I have not thrown up in over a week though!  Hooray!
Looking forward to:  Finding out if we are having a boy or girl within the next week and a half and the 2nd trimester!! 
Funny moment of the week:  Sunday night hubby and I were just looking around on You Tube and we came across a video of the Top 10 Best Baby Videos.  I cried thru the whole thing.  There was absolutely nothing sad about it.  It was just a bunch of cute babies laughing uncontrollably.  Then, we came across a video of a live birth and I convinced my husband we should watch it.  HA! It was amazing but very intense.  And of course I cried thru the whole thing, but was also laughing so hard because of the look on my husband's face.  Poor guy... 
2nd Doctor Appt Notes:  
-Appt Date- 10/19/12-  10 wks 3 days 
- We heard the heartbeat of a baby in the next room to us and of course I cried.  Then when she finally found our baby's heartbeat I cried again, then started laughing, for no reason ( I am a bit of an emotional basket case these days).  She lost the heartbeat because I was laughing, then had trouble finding it again.  Way to go, Leslie.
-I had to give a whole bunch of blood, give a urine sample and we talked about all our options as far as genetic testing goes.  That conversation and our decision deserves a whole post so check back tomorrow for that. 
-Next appt is on Friday, 11/16/12 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{Tuesday Loves & Some Random Thoughts}

Now that I am starting to feel like a human being again and have a tiny bit of motivation back, I am really going to try to get back into blogging regularly!  I have missed it so much but just could not find it in me to keep up with it when all I wanted to do was put my head on my desk and sleep or throw up once an hour. 
So, here we go!! Just a few things I am loving these days and some other randomness for your Tuesday....
1.  Are any of you as obsessed with Revenge as I am?!  Holy cow, this show gets better and better and crazier and crazier!  I have been hooked since the very first episode last season.  I keep joking with my husband and girlfriends who watch it that if I were toward the end of my pregnancy and watched it, it would send me into labor.  The writers of this show need to be nominated for some major awards.  In other show updates, I am loving DWTS this season, Grey's Anatomy & Private Practice of course and so far I really like the new show, Last Resort. 
2.  I am pretty much over football season.  Yes, I just said that.

3.  I am LOVING these yummy frozen fruit bars.  One thing I have been majorly craving the past month has been cold fruit...especially strawberries.  And these totally satisfy my craving when I want something really cold and sweet. Yummo!

4.  My husband and I have started talking about taking a baby moon!  Now that I am less than 2 weeks from being in the 2nd trimester we decided we better start making plans.  Everyone says that if you are going to take one, you should take one during your 2nd trimester when you are likely to feel your best.  So, we are looking at going somewhere toward the end of January...and so far we are thinking about Carmel/Monterrey/Big Sur in California.  That is my dream trip in the US and hubby is dying to go there too.  Just need to research a little to find out what the weather will be like at that time of the year. 

Any of you been there in January/February? 
5.  As of this morning, I know 14 people that are pregnant too and all due between March and May.  There was definitely something in the water between June and August ;)   It is so fun having friends that are going thru this and at the same stage of pregnancy as I am. 
11 week bump update coming tomorrow!!  

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bump Update- 10 weeks!

How far along? 10 weeks and 1 day

Maternity clothes? My normal pants are definitely a little too tight around the waist and I can't wear some of my shirts unless they are stretchy or flowy.  I bought 2 pairs of maternity slacks for work and even though they are a little too big right now, they are much more comfortable than my normal pants!

Stretch marks? Not yet!  I am already slathering on Palmer's Oil & Lotion so hopefully that will help.

Sleep: Sleeping ok most nights.  It takes a long time to get comfortable and my husband says I move around a lot...he can never tell if I am sleeping or not.  Getting up 2-3 times to use the bathroom.
Best moment this week: Having a relaxing weekend at home with hubby.  He is usually away at a football game on the weekends but luckily A&M had an away game so we had a free weekend together at home.
Miss anything? Having energy!  No matter how much or how little I sleep, I am always tired and don't have much motivation to do anything these days.

Movement: Not yet!  Can't wait for that though :)

Food cravings: Juicy, cold fruit and macaroni & cheese!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Red Meats and the smell of seafood
Gender: Hopefully we find out at our 16 week appt!  At first we really felt like it was a boy but now I think it is a girl.  According to all the old wives tales and the Chinese calendar it will be a girl, so we will see! :)
Labor Signs: Nada

Symptoms: Heartburn, nausea, shortness of breath, sneezing ALL the time (I swear I sneeze at least 20 times a day...I read that is normal though??)

Belly Button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On

Mood: Today it is great!! I slept about 10 hours last night and woke up not feeling nauseous.  Praise the Lord!  

Looking forward to: Our next doctor appt on Friday!!  And having another free weekend ahead with nothing to do. Whohoo!  I live for weekends like this these days.

I have been a terrible blogger lately. :(  It has been hard to find the motivation, energy or creativeness when I feel like throwing up all day every day so I have just put blogging to the side for now.   I am **hoping** that over these next few weeks I will start feeling better so I can get back into it though!  I miss reading your blogs and writing every day! 

Hope you all are doing well! xo 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday!

Head over to Michelle's blog and link up for another round of Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesdays!
Here are some of my fave's from the past week:
Love this cute Fall outfit! 

 If I had book shelves like these in my house, this is how I would want them to look

 YUMMO...I need to make these. ASAP.

 Baby C will definitely need to have these :)  So cute!

Love this idea for 1st year of Baby C's little life :)

I am in desperate need of some new boots and these are EXACTLY what I want!  Obsessed! 


I want them!

If only..... 


Monday, October 1, 2012

Coming May 2013!!!!!!!

Hellooooo, long lost bloggy friends!! I am alive!
I am back with some BIG news to share with you......
My hubby and I are expecting our very first baby!!!  Coming May 2013 :) Whohoooooo!!
Say Hi to Baby C :)
(this was taken on 9/21/12 @ 6 weeks and 3 days)
We had planned on waiting until after our 10 week appt to make the official announcement but several things made us decide to tell sooner...
- We have both done a terrible job at keeping it a secret.  We told family and closest friends a couple weekends ago, but even since then we both have told quite a few more people than we ever planned. 
- I have been pretty sick most days and practically fall asleep at my desk sometimes, so it was getting harder and harder to hide it, especially at work.
-  We heard our baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks and 3 days and our doctor said that once you hear the heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage is less than 3%.
So, now here we are.  I will be 8 weeks tomorrow. 
And let me tell you, making the big announcement today has been the best decision.  I feel a HUGE weight lifted off my shoulders and I have been filled with so much happiness :) 
Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments, emails, texts and phone calls!  What a great way to start October!!
Now, I will leave you with some of our favorite pictures from our announcement session with the amazing, Kaleigh Karin Photography!  
(If you live in the Houston area and need a photographer, you really should check her out...she is the best!!)