Thursday, October 25, 2012

Jack & Jill Gender Test at 12 Weeks!

At our last doctor appointment one of my first questions was "Can we PLEASE find out the sex before Christmas?"   She said most likely not because she does not do that ultrasound until 18-20 weeks and that would put us right at Christmas or the week after.... Boo. 
SO...she started telling us about another option we have....
The Center for Medical Genetics (CMG) located here in Houston offers what is known as a Jack & Jill test ( Fetal DNA gender test) .  Houston is the only place in the US that you can get this test done apparently and people from all over come to find out the gender of their baby at 12 or 13 weeks. 
Here is how it works:
The baby's blood is already present in the mommas blood. So, when you go in for your appt. they take a vial of blood from the mom then test it to look for a Y Chromosome. Y Chromosome's are only present in boys.  So, if they find it, then you are having a boy!  If they don't, then you are having a girl.  Sounds pretty easy, huh? 
The test is 99% accurate and my doctor said that out of all her patients that have done the test ( which she said 95% of her patients get it done ) there has only been one that was wrong.  And that ended up being because her sample was mixed up with someone else's.  Technically it was not wrong, but they just gave her the wrong results.  You get the test results back in 7 days or less. 
Ove the past week I have asked quite a few friends if they had the option of having this test done or if they have ever heard of it.  There are definitely more people than not that have never even heard of it, but I did find 3 friends who have had it done, and several others who knew about it but did not have it done.  I am not sure why but not all doctors in the area will even tell you about this test.  My doctor has no problem with it and recommends her patients get it!  Not only do you get to know the sex super early but they also do an ultrasound at your appt. so you can see the baby :)  I wanted to do it for that reason as much as finding out the sex!! Last time we saw Baby C, I was 6 weeks and 3 days and he/she was just a tiny blob of cells. 
Also...just an does not cover this test. Obviously.  BUT, since we have chosen to have a couple of the genetic tests, they are throwing in the J & J test for free!  Our doctor said that they do that for everyone who gets some of the genetic tests.  If you wanted to get it done and just pay for it, I read on a few forums that it is about $150 out of pocket. 
My girlfriends that had the testing done had nothing but great things to say about it and it was correct for all of them.  We feel really comfortable and happy with our decision to go thru with both the genetic tests and the J & J test.   
We have our appt. at the CMG on Monday morning and we are SO excited!  I really had my heart set on knowing the baby's sex before Christmas and now we can make that happen! 
And I am not going to lie...I am ready to start shopping :) 
Have any of you heard of the J & J test or had it done? 


Rochelle said...

You are so lucky!! My doctor never mentioned this test to us and I wish she did. I am so ready to start shopping but have to wait two more weeks. I can't wait to here if Baby C is a boy or girl!! :)

Myra said...

SO awesome!!! I can't wait to hear if Baby C is a boy or girl!! <3

Lia Joy said...

Girl, girl, girl! :)

Blue Dog Belle said...


Lindsay said...

I've never heard of that test and I'm so glad that I found out about it BEFORE I am pregnant! I would definitely want to do it! Is your doctor in The Woodlands or Houston?

Meg O. said...

I have never heard of this before! How cool!! I guess for the next baby we will do it!!! Can't wait to hear what y'all are having!!! YAY!!!!

Kate said...

We did it! I did the ultrasound to check for neural tube defects and some other tests. I remember they gave us a range of risks for Down's syndrome and some other things. It wasn't yes or no, just a more individualized risk--which was great for someone who was 36. They gave us the gender test for free just like you said. They left a message and we got to listen to it together. And clearly, they were right. :)

I'm so excited for you that you get to find out!

Ladie Bugg said...

I got the jack or Jill test done in oct 2011 in mcallen tx 2 weeks later I was told I was carrying a boy. It was right!

миша кохт said...

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Baby gender determination by photo of parents only.
To do this in Facebook I have an account and a group.
The group is called Baby gender by parents photo.

Fanny said...

Omg I have my test in 2 weeks here in mcallen too. I can't wait!

Fanny said...

Omg I have my test in 2 weeks here in mcallen too. I can't wait!