Friday, February 15, 2013

{Cruise Fiasco, Baby Scare and Baby Moon}

Have y'all been watching all the coverage on the Carnival Triumph situation?!  So crazy and scary! 
Well, my husband and I were supposed to be setting sail on the EXACT same ship and to the exact same destination in just a few days.  EEEK!  Thank goodness we decided not to book that!  Back when we were trying to decide what to do for our baby moon we were set on a cruise and we knew we only wanted to do a 3-4 day one over a weekend and just going to Mexico.  So, we started the process of booking our trip to Cozumel and Progresso on the Carnival Triumph for February 21st-February 25th.  But at the last minute we changed our mind and decided to just fly instead.  Thank God!  Can you imagine being almost 7 months pregnant and stuck on a broke down cruise ship, floating aimlessly in the middle of the ocean for a week?!  

Speaking of our baby moon....this time next week we will be in Mexico! Whohoooo!  For the past few weeks I have thought we were leaving Saturday morning but yesterday when I was looking at our hotel and flight info I realized we leave Friday morning.  So glad I looked or else we would have missed this trip to Mexico too ( see this post to read about what happened back in May )!
I had a bit of a baby scare yesterday and even still today.  I was just sitting around yesterday and noticed Connor moving A LOT.  So, I was just watching my belly roll and bounce then all of the sudden he (or something) went CRAZY....the only way I can describe it is, I felt like he was having a seizure in my stomach.  He was shaking/moving really fast for about 10-15 seconds.  Then he went right back to normal kicking and jabbing.  It was the craziest thing....the feeling I got and the way my stomach looked was unlike anything that has happened so far.  Well, it happened again about an hour ago, but only lasted about 5 seconds.  So now I am freaking out... I called my doctor and they have heard of this before and want me to just start keeping a log of his kicks and when these episodes happen.  They are not really concerned about it because he goes back to moving like normal the rest of the day and it has only happened twice.  They think I may be eating or drinking something that is triggering it or it may just be my uterus having a spasm.  Of course I googled it and read about other women have had had this happen before and apparently it can be completely normal.  It is very unlikely that he is actually having a seizure.  So, that made me feel a tiny bit better but I am still a worrier so I just hope that it really is nothing.  I have an appt. next Wednesday so maybe they look more into it. 
Any other moms out there or preggo friends have this ever happen?
On that note...Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend! =)  

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Bump Update- 27 Weeks!

(Pic taken on 2/12/13 @ 27 weeks)
How far along?  27 weeks and 2 days.  89 days to go!! Can't believe I am officially in the 3rd trimester....the 2nd flew by just like everyone said!
How big is baby?  He is about the size of a head of cauliflower (16 in, 2.5 lbs) 
Total weight gain/loss?  Not exactly sure but I am almost positive I have gained a couple lbs in the past 2 weeks, so probably 8-9 total 
Maternity Clothes?  Oh yes...that is all I can wear!
Stretch Marks?  Yes...on my sides and boobs.  Boo.
Sleep?  If I take Tylenol PM (yes, it is totally safe) I sleep great...if not, I sleep a few hours and that is about it.  My hips bother me a lot at night these days.
Miss anything? Sleeping thru the night, walking normal
Movement?  All day! The kicks and jabs are getting harder every day.  He has finally found my ribs too...ouch!   
Food Cravings?  Still craving Spaghetti and most pastas.  That has been the one thing I have craved my entire pregnancy. 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Red meat 
Have you started to show yet?  Oh yeah...big time.    
Gender?  Baby Boy!  Connor Christopher :) 
Labor Signs?  Still having Braxton Hicks but they are not as painful as they were a couple weeks ago  
Belly Button in or out?  In, but it is getting shallow
Mood?  Happy and sleepy! Starting to feel a little overwelmed by how much I need to do in the next couple of months.  I know I have plenty of time to do it but when I think about it all I have a mini panic attack. Haha! 
Symptoms?  Starting to feel really tired again but my tailbone/pelvic pain has gotten a little better! I think he has finally moved up a little bit and taken some of the pressure off that area so that helps a lot.  I haven't had to go to the chiropractor in almost 2 weeks.  Heartburn is still an issue but I take my prescription every morning then take a Zantac in the afternoons and that helps a lot.    
Best moment of the week?  My first baby shower!! It was SO fun and we got so many great gifts for Connor :)  I am going to post a bunch of pics and do a full recap soon! We have the best friends and family... We are very, very blessed :)     
Looking forward to?  A good friend's wedding shower this weekend and another friend's baby shower.  Then our baby moon to Mexico next weekend!!   

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

ABC's of ME!

Happy Wednesday!
One of my favorite bloggers, Lia Joy, did this fun post today so I am stealing her idea because I can't think of anything else to chat about today :)
So, here are the ABC's of me!
Age - 30
Bed size - King! 
Chore you hate -  Dishes!  ugh. I would rather clean bathrooms all day than do dishes.  
Dogs - I had a Yorkie but she lives with my parents now.  We always say we have too selfish of a lifestyle to have pets but now that a baby is on the way, we will probably get a dog in a couple years.  Maybe.
Essential start to your day - Breakfast!  If I don't eat within an hour of waking up, watch out. 
Favorite color -   Green
Gold or silver - If you had asked me 5 or 6 years ago- silver.  But now, definitely gold.
Height - 5'3
Instruments you play - In 5th and 6th grade I played the clarinet
Job title - Housewife....future stay at home mama
Kids - One on the way...coming May 2013 :)
Live - Just outside of Houston, TX
Married - Yep!  Married on 5.7.11
Nicknames - Les, Guth
Overnight hospital stays - none overnight....that will be changing in just a few months though!
Pet peeve - rude, mean, grumpy, moody people, being late, people who drive slow in the inside lane
Righty or lefty -  righty
Siblings - 1 half brother, 1 half sister and 4 step sisters
Time you wake up - 6-6:30 usually
University attended - Palm Beach Atlantic University
Vegetables you dislike - celery, cucumbers and carrots
What makes you run late - I will do everything in my power to not be late.  I was raised in a military family...being late is just not acceptable.  If there is a chance I will be late, I am a nervous, stressed out wreck.
X-rays you’ve had - neck (hurt during drill team in 9th grade), several times on both ankles (dance injuries and fell off a bridge when I was little), wrist (to diagnose carpal tunnel)
Yummy food - Pasta and chocolate :) 
Zoo animal favorite - Giraffes and Monkeys

And just because....


Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy February!

Happy Friday!

Happy 1st Birthday to one of the cutest, sweetest baby boy's I know!

Happy Super Bowl Weekend!
February is going to be a great much to be happy about and thankful for :) 
Friend's baby and wedding showers, my 3rd trimester begins, my 1st baby shower, Valentine's Day, our baby moon to Mexico and more! 
Hope you have a happy month too!