Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wedding Highlights Video!!

We finally got our wedding video(dvd) this week and I have already watched it 5 times =) Our package included a highlights video, the entire ceremony and the entire reception. The highlights is perfect to send to friends & family because it is just highlights (duh) of the whole day and it is put to 3 songs we used in our wedding. So, here it is for you to see!! =) I tried to just upload it so it showed up on my blog but I have no clue what I am, here is the link...

Our videographers were AMAZING!!! They have a really awesome editing looks like a movie! If you live in the Houston area and planning your wedding or any other event you should definitely look into using them... Here is their information-

Video By Robot-
They are also on Facebook.
You can see our video and others that they have done on their FB page or on You Tube!

We almost did not get a videographer for our wedding but I am SO SO SO happy we did. This is something I will always have to look back on. Also, alot of our out of town family could not come so this will be perfect to send them so they can get a glimpse into our special day :)

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