Monday, September 19, 2011

DIY- Halloween Ribbon Wreath

Thanks to Pinterest I am now obsessed with wreaths. I have found so many cute ones! I decided to start with an easy ribbon wreath since it was my first time making one.

Here is what you need:

1 Wire Wreath- I got mine at Michael's. I think it was $3. There are a few different sizes. I got the biggest one but wish I had gotten the medium one.

Ribbon- Depending on how full you want it and how big the wire wreath is you will need quite a bit of ribbon. I looked thru the sale bin at Michael's and the section of cheaper ribbons so that it would not be so expensive. I think I ended up using 12 or 13 spools of ribbon and I bought 5 different prints. Here are the ones I used:

Scissors- used to cut the ribbon


Start by cutting your ribbon. I cut each piece so that it was about 5-6 inches long. Start tying the ribbon on the wire wreath. I started with one print and tied them randomly all over first, then moved on to the next color/print. Keep tying and tying, filling in all the spaces so that you can barely see the wire (I meant to take a picture of this step but forgot!). And that is really it! It is super easy, just a little time consuming. Tying all those ribbons takes awhile! I bought a wooden "C" and painted it black and will have it hanging in the middle, open space of the wreath. I need to get some bigger, wider ribbon to hang it with though. And here is the ALMOST finished product-

I plan on doing a Texas A&M ribbon wreath next then doing something a little more advanced for Christmas :)


Jessica said...

That is adorable! I plan on making one in the near future, but I don't know if it will be Autumn or Christmas.

Sarah said...

I just made a ribbon wreath too! But unfortunately, I need more ribbon before I can post it.

Lindsey said...

This looks so cute! While you're at it, I'll take a Tecas Tech wreath!!!

Lindsey said...


Jamie said...

I love this wreath! I need to make a Texas State one (even though they suck at football - one can dream right?) and one for Christmas. Thanks for sharing how simple (and cheap!) it can be!