Monday, September 26, 2011

Big Texas Hair, Aggie Wives Reunion & A "Stolen" Tahoe

What.A.Weekend... But, I will get to that in a sec!

First of all...Baby Ella arrived on Wednesday morning and she is beautiful! Chris and I got to go visit her in the hospital on Thursday and I went back alone on Friday afternoon. Her Mommy & Daddy are doing great and have been sent home from the hospital. Here are a few pictures of sweet Ella:

Isn't she beautiful?!

Now, on to the weekend... I woke up early and drove to Dallas on Saturday. Chris was heading to College Station for the A&M vs. OSU game so I had made plans to go to Dallas for my friends, Laura & Lauren's, birthday weekend. I got there about noon and we headed to the mall for a little shopping and lunch. After that we got mani's and pedi's then had appointments at Dry Bar for blow outs. I have seen these places popping up in Houston but never been is literally a blow dry bar. They wash your hair and blow dry/style it and that is it. No color or cuts. They have a menu to choose what kind of style you want and everything is $35! I love love love this concept!! It is perfect if you have a wedding to go to or an event and you want to wear your hair a little different than normal, but don't want some big fancy updo. Look how cute this place is:

And here are the 3 of us are after our blow outs:

Oh, and did I mention it is bottomless mimosas?! Yes please!

So, that night we went to Sangria for dinner & drinks. Laura's fiance, Chance and Lauren's husband, Hunter both came along too. My husband was in CS, very, very angry over the loss that A&M had just suffered...
We had tapas and sangria then headed to Palamino at The Crescent to sit outside and hang out. It was such a fun night and I love spending time with my fellow Aggie Wives :)

Sunday involved me taking an unexpected road trip thru some small towns and dirt roads in the middle of nowhere Texas to try to get to College Station. I almost ran over 2 chiwawa's on a dirt road in the was crazy. But, thank the Lord for my GPS, I finally got to CS. I made this unexpected trip to CS because Chris thought his Tahoe had been stolen. Long story short- we found it 5 minutes after I got there. We raced back to Houston so we could spend a couple hours together before he had to fly off to Birmingham for work for 24 hours. Whew!

It was eventful to say the least ;) I am happy that the next 2 weekends we are both in town together and during the weeks we finally have some free nights.

Happy Monday, Yall! Hope you had a great weekend!


The Miskell Family said...

Ooooooo, please tell me you know of some places in Houston like that. I need names :) What a GREAT idea!!!

PS...your hair looked fabulous!

Sarah said...

What a fun idea!! I so want to do this!! Love it! And love your hair!

Natalie said...

Little Ella is so cute, love that name! And your blow outs look fab! Just found your blog, so cute!

Ashley said...

I'm so jealous you have a dry bar by you!! Hoping we get one soon in SC. Yalls hair looks great!

e@thisnotedlife said...

love your blog!! That dry bar seems so much fun.. i hope they come to my area!

Josh and Jen Dearmore said...

Just now reading your post! Ella loves her Auntie Leslie! :) Come visit us soon!