Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yeast Free Challenge Update, Our New Home & Our New Church

Today marks the 11th day of the 30 Day Yeast Free Challenge and day 13 of my weight loss challenge at work! I am happy to say that at my first weigh in last Friday at work I had lost 4.1 pounds! WHOHOO!! I would love to tell you that every day it gets easier but, I would by lying. Maybe if I were home and could cook all my meals but I am in Baton Rouge, LA right now staying in a hotel and eating out 3 meals a day. Next week will be tough too...I will be in California. Everyone always says "Oh you can do it, just order salads and fish & veggies; it's not that hard." Umm, that is a nice thought and all but that is much easier said than done. But, so far I am doing a pretty good job of self-control. I have been eating a lot of seafood, grilled chicken and eggs this week. And I worked out in my hotel room and hotel gym 3 times so far. This past Saturday I had my 2nd session with my trainer and he nearly killed me again...I actually think he was TRYING to make me puke. He almost succeeded! I will meet with him again this Saturday too. I can already tell I am getting stronger, my clothes are getting a little lose and I am feeling so much better! This whole "yeast-free" thing is not something I plan to stick with after the 30 days but it is really helping me not crave sweets and carbs and teaching me a lot about self-control. :)

Our new house is officially DONE!! Now the inspections will start and go for the next week or so. Chris & I have our first walk thru next Friday the 3rd. So, depending on how that goes, we will HOPEFULLY be moving in the week of the 6th!!! Here it is this past Sunday: (please ignore the leaning tree in front...that is being fixed!)

We have been visiting Fellowship of The Woodlands (Woodlands Church) for the past few weeks and so far we are LOVING it! Many of you may have heard of the pastor there or seen him on TV...his name is Kerry Shook. His sermons are televised every week. I grew up Baptist and Chris grew up Methodist. We both have our churches we grew up in, in The Woodlands but we talked about it and decided to try out a couple others too. FOTW is non-denominational but it is still a Bible-based church and we believe in what they believe in. The services are full of energy, entertainment and always a great message that we can relate to. My husband loves it because the the pastor is pretty much as sports-obsessed as him! The first Sunday we visited, the pastor interviewed Lance Berkman, this past weekend The Flying Walenda's were there, this weekend Herschel Walker will be there and the next weekend, RG3 will be there! The men are LOVING this! And, we even got married in the Chapel there and went thru some pre-marriage classes there that we loved. So, this church holds a special place in my little heart :) I am excited to be getting back involved in a great church and can't wait to see what the next several weeks will hold!


Cassie said...

Oh my word!!! Your new house is AMAZING!!!!!! I'm so jealous!! HAHA

Great job on keeping up with the yeast-free diet. I can only imagine how hard that is.

And awesome news on finding a church you're both comfortable in!

Happy Thursday!!

Valerie Griffin said...

What a beautiful home!

Kimberly said...

Beautiful home! And congrats on the weight loss!

Allison said...

Over 4 lbs...woohoo!! I am so proud of you and your dedication! I would be so tempted being out of town and just go for what is easy! Your house is beautiful and I cannot wait for yall to move in! We will be looking for a new church home once we move and I can't wait!

Amanda said...

What a beautiful home! I bet you are so excited to move in :)

Selena Manchester said...

Oh, you've got a lovely home. I bet you're getting excited to decorate it.
BTW, congrats on your weight-loss! I admire your dedication!

Randy Robinson said...

Your workouts look perfect! Your diet looks tempting, and it's good that you're doing a great job controlling your eating. Your new home looks classy, and the brick walls are complemented by a good roof. Good luck to your new home. :)