Tuesday, January 17, 2012

My Biggest Loser Trainer & Day 1 of Yeast-Free Recap

Last night was my first session with my new personal trainer. HOLY.COW. It hurts to type this if that tells you anything! I seriously felt like I was on an episode of the Biggest Loser. My trainer threatened my life a couple times, called me a wuss and pushed me harder than I have ever been pushed. For now I am going to train with him 2 days a week and workout on my own 3 days. This is the schedule he put me on and he says he will be checking daily to see if I "checked-in" to the gym and if he sees that I have missed any days he is going to take it out on me at our next session. Terrific. You better believe I am not going to miss any days. This is what I need though...I need the motivation and accountability. So, here is a look at my workout schedule this week-

Sunday 1/15/12- 30 min cardio, 20 min abs/arms
Monday 1/16/12- 1 mile on eliptical, 1 mile on treadmill and 50 minutes with trainer
Tuesday 1/17/12- 30-45 minutes of cardio
Wednesday 1/18/12- OFF
Thursday 1/19/12- Body Pump class at gym
Friday 1/20/12- OFF
Saturday 1/21/12- 50 minutes with trainer, 20 minutes of cardio
Sunday 1/22/12- 30-45 minutes of cardio

He says with my diet plans and this style of working out I should not have any trouble reaching my goal in the next few months. Whohoo! I am so excited to be back in a gym although I am waddling around like a 9 month pregnant woman today... ;)

ALSO...day 1 of the yeast free challenge is DONE! I stuck with it 100% and I am so proud of myself. It was not even that hard. I have drastically cut back on carbs and dairy the past week so that made yesterday a tad bit easier. I still have 29 days to go but I feel like I am off to a great start! Here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast- 7:00 AM
2 hard boiled eggs
2 pieces of bacon

Snacks- 9:00 AM & 10:00 AM

Lunch- 11:45 AM
Luby's Roasted chicken (white meat), cabbage and green beans

Snack- 2:30 PM
4 midget pickles
cup of green tea

Dinner- 7:45 PM
grilled tilapia
steamed carrots and brocolli

Everything I ate was delicious and filling and I did not even crave sweets in the middle of the afternoon like I usually do. YES! I know after a few days I am going to have to start getting creative and come up with some more exciting recipes...I can definitely see that hard boiled eggs for breakfast every day will get real old, real quick. I pinned a Egg Muffin recipe on Pinterest that I plan on making tonight...recipe will come later this week!

I am slightly worried about the next 2 weeks...next week I am in Baton Rouge for work for the week, then the next week I will be in California for work for a week. Eating out 3 meals a day is going to be tough! But thankfully I have this week to get me started and rid my body of the sugar/carb cravings AND I have a gym at my hotels! This is what I need to remember:


Mike and Sam Jasch said...

Get it girl! I am proud of you!

MrsKT said...

You can do it, even with the travel! Take some healthy, dry snacks with you: almonds, dried fruit, etc. Then just be mindful of what you're eating while you're out. You can do it Les!!

Lauren said...

Good Job!!! You are an inspiration!