Monday, January 16, 2012

30 Day Yeast-Free Challenge

Goodbye yeast, dairy, sugar and alcohol...see you after Valentine's Day (maybe)! Today is day 1 of Stephanie's ( ) 30 day yeast free challenge. Whohoo!! This is going to be a tough 30 days but I am determined to stick with it. I have a friend at work doing it with me and quite a few other friends and bloggers...accountability is definitely something that I need.

My meals and snacks will consist of a lot of protein, veggies and nuts. In case you are interested in joining the challenge or just want to know a little more about it, check out Stephanie's post last week: (sorry, I can not link these websites to my blog from my work computer!)

I am also participating in my companies weight loss challenge. It started last Friday and ends on March 30th. I paid $5 to join and that will go into the reward pool. Every Friday we have to weigh in and if you miss a weigh in you have to donate $1 and if you gain any weight you have to donate $1 per pound you gain...all of that goes towards the reward pool too. So, on March 30, whichever man and woman have lost the most weight will split the reward money! And if you make your goal you get a gym bag and a couple other things. My goal is 20 pounds...although I am really going for 30.

I joined 24 Hour Fitness over the weekend and my hubby got me 14 sessions with a personal trainer so I think I am well on my way to my goal =) These first few days are going to be tough but I just have to get through them and keep going.

Happy Monday!


Allison said...

Good luck with your challenge! I am starting a little something today but nothing like yours. I just want to count calories and see what I can cut. Can't wait to follow your challenge! Be strong, that potato soup really isn't that great!!

Sarah said...

Yikes!! This sounds hard!! Good luck!!

Mike and Sam Jasch said...

Good luck Leslie! Love ya!