Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 In Review- July-December

Here is a recap of the last half of 2011!

Spent 4th of July weekend on Lake Conroe with friends. Went to several baby showers for friends. Spent a few days with family on the North Carolina coast. Went to Seattle for work for a week. Turned 29 years old!

Spent a week in Salt Lake City and had a weekend vacation in Park City. Helped host a baby shower for one of my best friend's.

Went to my 10 year high school reunion. Ella Dearmore is born! Spent a weekend in Dallas for friends birthdays.

Lots of football. Celebrated our friends Christa and Adam Lampe's wedding. Went to the Kappa Sigma Fraternity alumni weekend in College Station with friends.

Put our house up for sale and started building a new house in The Woodlands. Spent 7 days in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Malibu. My sweet nephew, Tanner, turned 1. Hubby & I traveled to Oklahoma City with his Mom and brothers for Thanksgiving. Hubby turned 30 and we had a big party at Soma Sushi and Roak!

Sold our house 1 month and 3 days after putting it up for sale. Attended several Christmas parties. Ran in a half-marathon relay with my friend Robyn. Went to the 35th Anniversary Highstepper reunion at my old high school. Helped host a baby shower for one of my best friend's and her hubby. Celebrated Christmas in Georgia and The Woodlands. Spent the last weekend of 2011 with our best friends from Dallas!

I hope 2012 is as good as 2011!! Hope you all had a Happy New Year!!! =)

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Allison said...

Love the recap!! I didn't realize you were an Aggie. What class are you?