Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{2012 Goals}

A new year = new resolutions. Actually some of these are not new...I make them every year but don't always follow through with them, but that is not going to stop me from trying again this year! Here are some of my goals for 2012:

1. Take some photography classes and really learn how to use my Nikon. I take hundreds of pictures every month and I even have really good photo editing software but I have no clue what I am doing. I really want to learn how take my camera off the automatic settings and learn how to use the editing software I have!

2. Start volunteering more. Once we move and get settled in The Woodlands I hope to join Junior League. I have several friends that are members and I am so excited to get back involved in the community! I used to volunteer regularly but over the past few years I have really gotten away from it...

3. I want to find a new, good church to get involved in and attend regularly. I grew up going to church every Sunday morning, night and Wednesday nights and was always very, very involved in youth group or small groups. But, the past few years we have been really bad about going regularly and staying involved. I want to find a good church we can join and really grow in and I want to find a good small group for us to be part of.

4. Take advantage of this possibly being the last year without kids and travel as much as we can. My husband and I LOVE to travel...we have taken so many amazing trips together over the past 4 years and we have so many more we want to take. We are very fortunate that we both have very good jobs and we are able to travel as much as we do. I know one day these world travels will come to an end for awhile so we really want to squeeze in some fun trips this year.

5. Get back in shape/get healthy/lose weight. This is ALWAYS on the list each year but it seems these past couple of years I have not followed through with it. I don't want to set an unrealistic goal that I can't (won't) keep. I just want to take it one day at a time and make little changes that will help me get healthy and get back in shape and lose weight over time. Over the past 2-3 years I have gained quite a few pounds and since we got married 8 months ago I have gained entirely too much. I just have not been taking care of my body. So, I am making little changes...cutting back on carbs and sugars, continue running and training for half marathons, start taking spinning and/or zumba at my new gym a couple days a week, etc...

Those are just a few of my big goals for this new year! What are some of your goals?
Happy 2012, friends!


Sarah said...

Great goals....I need to learn to use my Nikon too!

Lia Joy said...

Those are great goals! I have very similar goals! :)