Friday, July 20, 2012


Does anything look different around here?? :)
My little blog got a much needed makeover and I absolutely LOVE it! 
Thank you again, Kristen
You should definitely check our her cute blog and if you are in need of a design makeover, contact her!  She is the best :)
I woke up this morning to the news about the shootings in Aurora, CO. 
So incredibly sad and heartbreaking.  Praying for the friends and family that lost loved ones and for those that were in theater.
In some happier news....My Mom and I have officially joined Weight Watchers.  We signed up and went to our first meeting last night.  Today is the first day actually eating by the points.  I know it has been less than 24 hours but so far I love this program and have a good feeling about it.  Everyone I know, young and old, have had great success with it when they stuck with it.  The short term diets and cleanses do not work for me I have finally realized.  I love all food way too much and I don't have that much self control.  So, this allows me to still eat what I want but in much smaller portions and only a couple times a week.  I have the app on my phone and my Mom and I will be going to weekly meetings so I think we have the tools we need to make this work!  Have any of you had success with WW? I want to hear about it!
Have a fun weekend!!


Blue Dog Belle said...

Leslie! It looks great!!!

Allison said...

Love your new blog design!! I emailed her this morning after seeing your new design! & I know many people that have had success with WW. How awesome that you and your mom are doing it together!

brynn said...

i think i'm gonna start WW online next week! i've had success with it in the past, so i'm excited to start it again!

have a wonderful weekend :)

{d+l+w} said...

i love your new look!!! also, i did WW online and it is really good. ANDDDDD we're starting with 2 mi runs to start training for 10 for Texas....i'll send you info when we get the schedule!

Lia Joy said...

LOOOVE the new blog design!! Looks great :) And I need deets on the WW!

Ashlie said...

I like the new make-over! I just did one for my blog as well!

Good luck with the weight watchers!

The string cheese and ice cream is amazing!

natasha {schue love} said...

LOVE your new blog makeover!! Looks so fresh and fun! :)

Mike and Sam Jasch said...

Love the new design! Super cute and so you! Hope you have a great week! XOXO

Sarah said...

Good for you!!

Sarah said...

LOVE the new blog design!!