Thursday, July 26, 2012

{Etsy Love}

If I need of a gift for a friend who is getting married, having a baby or a birthday or if I want something personalized, Etsy is always my first stop. 
So, today I am here to tell you a little about a brand new Etsy shop, Cici Sews, that just opened this week and it just so happens to be owned by my sister-in-law,  Staci!
She is the queen of cute DIY projects (just this week she made her own laundry detergent, opened an etsy shop and made window treatments and a pillow for her master bedroom...and she is the mommy to the cutest 20 month old in the world) and she has become quite the seamstress.  
These are some personalized burlap pillows she made my husband and I for Christmas last year:
**She is not currently taking orders for these pillows...but maybe one day :)**
Her shop is brand new and she is planning on adding more to it but right now she is selling bunting banners, little boy bow ties, no-slip kitchen towels, 12 month onesies for boys and girls and a couple other items.  These are a few of her latest designs-

And just because he is adorable and I miss him, here is a picture of my nephew wearing one of her bow ties-
So, if you are looking for a gift or just something cute for yourself and family you should head over to her shop and check out all of her cute designs!
Also, head over to her blog to see more of her DIY projects, yummy recipes and life as a military wife!


Meg {henninglove} said...

you got a new blog design didn't you?? i love it! and those pillows with your names and date are such a cute idea! thanks for sharing her shop with us

Karina Marie Powell said...

Such cute ideas. Love the little onesies! so cute!!

Maura said...

those onsies are adorable!!!!! definitely going to see all of her stuff :)

Jess said...

Definitely going to head over. I'm in love with bowties--so much so that I included them on our little boy's registry.

Elle Sees said...

the onesies are the cutest