Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Ramblings

I can't believe it is here but this is my last weekend in my 20's! I will be 30 years old on, how did THAT happen?!?!  I have been very "anti-birthdays" the past couple of years.  I don't do the whole "birthday month" celebrations like I used to and when people ask what I want I say "nothing."  Or, when I get asked if I want a party or do I want to get a table and bottle service at a bar, this answer is "No, let's just go to dinner with a small group of friends then go home."   Such a grandma, I know....
But, my last weekend in my 20's has started out co-worker gave me a pretty little picture frame and a couple of my girlfriends took me to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Maggiano's.
Tomorrow night we are going out to another one of my favorite restaurants, Tommy Bahama, with a small-ish group of friends then maybe stopping by a wine bar for a drink.  Perfect night!
Sunday we will have lunch with my family and dinner with my FIL.  Then Monday I head to Chicago for 7 days.  Yep, I will be flying and alone on my 30th birthday.  I have a friend from college and 2 friends from high school that live in Chicago so I have dinner plans with them.  So, that will be fun :) 
Then Thursday my hubby will fly up to Chicago to meet me for a mini-weekend vacation for my birthday! 
Should be a fun 9 days ahead!
Now for a few random things....
- I started reading The Castaways by Elin Hilderbrand and am loving it so far! So, in case you are in need of a new book to read, check this one out!

- I have 3 new hair products to share with you.  If you are a blonde or just have blonde highlights this shampoo and conditioner will change your life.

Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde

It is the best smelling shampoo ever.  Recently I had more blonde highlights added to my hair and I have been on a "sulfate free" kick lately so my stylist recommended this to me.  She promised I would not regret it and I would love the smell of it and the way it made my hair feel. Boy, was she right!  Best.shampoo/conditioner.ever.  (if you are a blonde).  So, splurge a little and buy this.  You won't regret it.
Paul Mitchell's Awapuhi Hydrocream Whip in Wild Ginger
I don't know how I ever lived without this stuff.  I use it while my hair is still damp and right before I blow dry it.  First of all, it smells heavenly.  I literally smell my hair all day long and my husband loves it too.  It leaves my hair soft and manageable and helps control my hair in this crazy Texas heat.  I would buy it for the smell alone. It is that good.
- On my first week of WW, I have to say these little ice cream bars have saved me from caving in, driving to Crave or Sprinkles and buying a dozen cupcakes.  These are the WW Ice Cream Candy Bars.  It tastes like a frozen snickers. YUM!  And they are only 4 pts each!! A heck of a lot less than a cupcake I am sure!  So, even if you are not doing WW, you should stock up on these for a healthier sweet option. 

Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!!


Allison said...

Happy early birthday!!

Lacey said...

Happy birthday!!! I hope you had a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing the hair products, I'm definitely going to have to try them! And I can't wait to start the castaways!

Mike and Sam Jasch said...

I just read the description for The Castaway's. It sounds so good! I'm so glad you had a great b-day weekend! We will have to celebrate next time I'm in town :)