Thursday, December 15, 2011

On a sugar high...

I have eaten myself into a sugary, Christmas cookie coma and gained a few extra pounds! This week has been filled with day time work parties. On Tuesday my company had a small party at our office that just consisted of desserts. Wednesday the building my company is in had a massive dessert party in the lobby. And today the accounting department had their annual Christmas cookie party and they were so sweet to include me in it. Tuesday night I baked cookies for hubby to take to work so of course I had to take a couple bites and last night I baked for 3 hours and I had to sample those too. After this week it will be a miracle if I don't end up with diabetes!!

Cookies & Desserts from work! I just had a little bite of each :)

Cookies I made for party at work today. They are 2 Ritz crackers with Peanut Butter in between and dipped in white chocolate. YUMMO!

Oreo Balls I made for work today. They are oreos and cream cheese dipped in white chocolate. Double yummo!

I am going to be in serious need of a major detox and diet after this week is over! ;)


Alyssa said...

The crackers with peanut butter and chocolate are so good! We tried those last year! A little messy to make but so yummy!

Meg O. said...

Not gonna lie... ritz with pb and white chocolate sound AMAZZZZZING.