Monday, December 5, 2011

A fun, Christmas filled weekend!

~ We went to our 1st Christmas party of the season Friday night. It was hubby's company party at Hotel Zaza in Houston and it was so much fun. I love getting all dressed up for holiday parties! We even stayed the night at the hotel because they had really cheap rates for his company. We had a room that was about 20 feet from the pool and if any of your have been to Hotel Zaza in Houston, you know how cool that is :) More pictures to come tomorrow!

~ Saturday we had brunch @ Empire Cafe (one of our favorite's) then knocked out a TON of Christmas shopping. We spent hours in Williams Sonoma, Costco, Pottery Barn and Anthropolgie.

~ Our feet were hurting from not sitting for so long so we decided to go see Breaking Dawn. It was a little slow in the beginning and it was driving me crazy how depressed Bella was throughout the first half but, it got really good eventually. I don't think it is as good as the first few in the Twilight Saga but still worth seeing. Can't wait for the final one to come out...that is when all the big action happens! We went home, ordered pizza, watched football and finished decorating our house and tree the rest of the night.

~ Sunday Chris went to the Texan's game ( WE WON! ) with his Dad and I spent the day cooking, baking and grocery shopping. I made the crockpot Italian chicken & pasta recipe that has been floating around Pinterest- it was DELICIOUS! I made gluten free strawberry & blueberry muffins for breakfast and baked some gingerbread cookies with homemade cream cheese frosting too. Our house smelled like an Italian restaurant and a bakery all day!

~ And last but not least....we got some REALLY, REALLY exciting news over the weekend but I can't share it yet! :) Hopefully in the next week or 2 though!! And NO, I am NOT pregnant!


Meg {henninglove} said...

cant wait to hear the news! and i love the dress you wore for your husband's company party! i love the name hotel zaza for some reason

Rochelle said...

I think I need to try that crockpot recipe and go see Breaking Dawn. (Btw, the bf was peeking over my should and told me he knows your hubby through his fraternity) Just thought I share :)

Ashley said...

I've seen that crockpot recipe and wondered how it was! I'll have to give it a shot now that I know it's as good as it looks!

Mike and Sam Jasch said...

Did your house sell? :)