Monday, December 12, 2011

How The Glitz Stole Christmas Blog Swap!

When I saw that Lindsey ( ) and Raven ( ) were hosting this fun blog swap I had to join in! Who does not like giving/receiving gifts and meeting new people???

I was paired with the lovely April at A. Liz Adventures ( ) and I could not have been more excited. I have been following her blog for months and love all her posts, she lives in North Carolina and I am kind of obsessed with her wedding. We both got married around the same time, she loves cooking & DIY projects and did I mention her wedding?? Seriously should go to her blog and check it out :)

Here are all the goodies she got me!

- Leopard print scarf- I wore it twice over the weekend but forgot to take a picture :( BUT, I am in love with it!! I plan on wearing it to work this week and will make sure to take a picture!
- Sparkly nail polish- Perfect for the holidays!! At my mani/pedi this week, this will be on my nails & toes.
- Pink polish- so pretty for Spring & Summer...I can't wait to try it out!!
- Stress Relief Face Mask- After the crazy, stressfull weeks coming up I am going to for sure need a good face mask for my tired skin!
- Bath Fizz Ball- I ran in half-marathon relay yesterday and my legs ached all day yesterday (thanks to my lack of training) so I took an epson salt bath last night and added this bath ball to it for some yummy scents and extra relaxation...between the scents, epson salt and scolding hot water I was in Heaven!

Thank you again, April!!!!!!!!!!!! I love being paired with you! xoxo

This was such a fun idea and a great way to spread some holiday cheer! Head over to April's blog to check out my goodies I picked out for her :)


Meg O. said...

What fun goodies! Love it!

Alyssa said...

Such great stuff! How fun!

Lindsey said...

You did have an awesome partner, now I can't wait to go look at her wedding!

I literally just bought a Stress Relief Face Mask yesterday!!! it can be used hot or cold and I can't wait to try it out. I love everything she got you!

Thanks for playing with us Leslie!! You are the best! You got her some amazing stuff too!


Raven said...

wait, what's going on? Didn't you get HER a leopard scarf also? I'm confused. If so, that is pretty freaking awesome. Love it all, thanks so much for swapping!

Arielle said...

I want that OPI nail polish, BAD! And she has such pretty handwriting! Ha:) I totally noticed that!
Cute blog, new follower!

TaraR said...

What a great idea! Bummed I didn't know about this exchange. What fun & glitzy gifts you received :)

Tara - Your newest

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Hi friend! YES - we are kindred souls - we both got each other a leopard scarf. I love it. By the way, my toesies are rockin' in that sparkly red color that you got me as we speak!

So glad we got paired up :)

Holly @ Everydays a Holly-Day said...

Just stopping in from the swap, I love her hand writing and who can go wrong with OPI!!

PS, congrats on the race, I want to try one but I'm anything but fit!