Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pass the margaritas please...

I AM ALIVE, I swear! But, I am officially stressed up to my eyeballs. I managed to find a few minutes to get a quick post in but it is going to be short.

I am so behind on reading all of your blogs and obviously posting...I have been on Pinterest only once in the past 8 days...I have only been on Facebook a couple times and even that was on my Blackberry. I feel so behind and out of the loop. It is amazing how much social media really affects your life when all of the sudden you don't have time for ANY of it.

I am going to try really hard to post about our trip to LA tomorrow or over the weekend. I have so many pictures and details to share! But, until then, here are a couple updates...

-I had to make a REALLY hard decision this nephew's 1st birthday is this weekend and my sister-n-law (go check out her blog... ) and my brother have been planning his first birthday party for months. I bought my plane ticket a couple months ago and was so excited to spend the weekend with them and see my sweet nephew. My flight is supposed to leave in the middle of the afternoon tomorrow but due to some things going on at work now I had to make the decision not go to North Carolina for his birthday. Work is INSANELY busy right now and I have some major projects that are going to be audited along with several other things going on and I could not afford to miss a half day tomorrow. :( I looked for other flights leaving at different times but they were way too expensive or they would get me there after his party was already over so I just had to finally make the decision to not go. I was sick to my stomach about it on Tuesday night. I called Chris, my Mom and my brother crying (I think all this stress is making me a little overly emotional this week). I am sure they were all thinking I was being a bit of a basketcase. I actually am getting teared up again as I type this. (See why I need some margaritas???) Anyways, I hate that I can not be there and I have been in a funk about it all week. At least I will get to spend a couple days with them when they are here in December for Christmas!

-Our House(s)- Our house has been up for sale for almost 3 weeks and we have had quite a few showings. Whohoo! No contract on it yet though. Luckily we have 3 months until our future is house is completed so that gives us some time to sell ours. We met with the design center for our new house this week. Have any of you ever gone thru that process before? It is so fun getting to pick out the tile, hardwood floors, carpet, granite, knobs, etc.. but there are SO many options to choose from! I am really happy with everything we chose and can't wait to share pictures when it is all in the house :)

That is going to have to be it for now. I hope to get things backt to normal soon and hopefully I will have a really good LA post for you tomorrow!


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