Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hellooooo from California!

Hi Everyone! I am typing this post from sunny (and cold) Los Angeles! It is FREEEEZING here. I never thought it would be warmer in Houston than southern CA. I flew in yesterday morning and got to work. Hubby flies in late Thursday night and we have a fun filled weekend planned...can't wait until he gets here!

Now, for a few updates....

-Tomorrow I am doing my first guest post!! Whohoo!! Check back tomorrow for more on that...

-WE FOUND OUR FUTURE HOUSE!!!!!! Our house went up for sale last week and has gotten a lot of showings so far and a couple from France actually really interested in it so we spent the weekend looking at houses again and found one that just started being built that we fell in love with. It will be ready in February and it is our perfect house...it has everything that we wanted in a new house and in our price range AND in the location we wanted. So, we have started the paperwork and now get to start designing the house! Here it is right now-

And here is the model (it will look like this when it is done except the stone & brick colors will be different)-

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are SO excited! Now just keeping our fingers crossed our house sells by February.

-I feel really bad that sometimes I don't comment back to people who leave comments on my blog :( BUT...it's not that I don't try. Some people do not have their email set up on their blogs so when I try to respond to a comment that was left for me, it goes to a "blogger no-reply" email. So, I am very very sorry to a few of you that consistently leave me comments and you never hear back from me :( Set up your email addresses on your blog and I promise you will start getting A LOT more comments! It makes a big difference, I promise :)

That's it for now. Remember to check back tomorrow for a link to my guest post. Happy Tuesday!


Allison said...
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Allison said...

I love that yall are building your home! We were so close to doing this and it didn't work out. I am sending postive thoughts your way! Oh & have a blast in Cali!!

The Miskell Family said...

OMG- the new house is BEAUTIFUL! I cant wait to see more pics of it.

Have fun in Cali. One of my fav places to visit :)

Jamie said...

OMG your new house is beautiful!!! So Jealous :)