Monday, August 29, 2011

Back in the great state of Texas!

I am back after spending 7 great days in Utah! It was so hard to leave the beautiful weather there to come back to 105+ days. But, I am very happy to be home =)
I am going to post pictures and do a full blog post on Utah tomorrow....after these past 7 days I think Utah might be one of my favorite states so I have a lot to post about.

In the meantime......
If you are a reader and have not read the Hunger Games trilogy yet, go out and buy the books today and start reading them. I finished the first one in a couple days and am half way thru with the 2nd one. Best. Books. Ever. I never thought I would like a book like is kind of sci-fi and takes place after the end of the world but I can not put these books down. While I was watching the VMA's last night I watched the short trailer for the Hunger Games movie and can not wait for it to come out in March 2012.

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Lacey said...

Can't wait for the movie! :)