Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday!

1.   I joined Citrus Lane earlier this week and can't wait to get our first box!  Citrus Lane is like Birchbox but for your babies/kids!  Each month you get a box full of things for your little one....and the box is specific to your child's gender and age. 
Click here for $10 off your first order!
2.  I am so happy a 3 day weekend is here!  My husband has been out of town since Monday so Connor and I are very happy to have him home for a few days before he has to go back out of town. I am looking forward to a date night, our first trip to the lake with Connor and seeing some friends that are coming in town for the weekend!
 3.   This Sunday we are joining my church I grew up in as a family!  I have gone to this church with my brother and parents since I was a kid so it is really exciting to re-join with my husband and Connor and start getting involved!  I hope to join the MOPS group and eventually a ladies Bible study or get involved in missions.  When trying to decide where we were going to go as a family we visited several local churches but always felt that my church was "the one."  We love that we know so many people there, my mom & step dad go there, they have an AWESOME nursery and children's area and so many other things.  So, this Sunday we will make it official and become members :)

4.  Old Navy was having 30% off last week so I took advantage and ordered a few new things for Connor.  Whoever said shopping for a boy wasn't fun was wrong.  Between Old Navy, Baby GAP, ETSY and a couple local boutiques I seriously have a problem when it comes to shopping for him.
Here are a few of my favorites from my latest purchase.....   :)  
5.  After 3 months of refusing a paci and not having any interest in his thumb, I officially have a paci and hand sucker!  But not just any paci.  He will only take the Wubanub.  I wasn't sure I wanted him to take a paci or thumb but I have noticed a big change it how often I nurse him and how he goes to sleep in the past week since he started sucking the paci.  Now, when I know he is tired, instead of nursing him to sleep, I am just giving him his paci and Larry (his little security blanket) and he will usually self sooth himself to sleep!  Whohoo!! He hasn't quite figured out how to pick it up and put it back in his mouth when it falls out of his mouth though.  There are so many cute little wubanub animals.  We have the bear, giraffe, monkey and duck (gotta have several in case you lose one!).


Meg O. said...

I'm kinda kicking myself for not taking advantage of that ON sale!!

Jen said...

I need to check out Citrus Lane!!! E has that owl bag! ;)) Hope you have a fun date night and trip to the lake!! Yeah! I'm ready to hug and kiss on sweet Connor! Hopefully our world will slow down a bit next week!

Rychelly said...

Your little man is precious! For the longest time my daughter wouldnt take a paci and I had to nurse her to sleep and it was such a relief when I could just lay her down, give her a paci and let her fall asleep on her own! Have a great weekend!

Karina Marie Powell said...

Ok, Ryan never took a paci! I'm so glad he finally decided to take one! That makes all the difference in the world! Ok, that Halloween outfit?! I need to get us one of those! THat is way way too cute!! He is so dang handsome! xo

Heather said...

The wubanub has been such a life saver in our house!! It's so nice that it doesn't roll all over the crib when it falls out of their mouth in the middle of the night.

Hannah said...

I know everyone says shopping for a boy is so hard, but I love it! I think it is so fun! It's hard not to get him a cute little outfit every time we go out to the store. I look over at the baby section and they just hang there looking so cute, begging me to look at them and buy them for my little man. Most of the time I don't give in, but every now and then... little boy clothes are just so cute!

Megan said...

You're going to love Citrus Lane, great stuff! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your husband :)

IG: megawat
Hello Newlywed Life Blog

Sarah said...

We LOVE Citrus Lane. I hope you get some good stuff!! Your little man is so stinkin cute!!

chelsey (ThingstobeStroudof) said...

I need to try Citrus Lane, do you love it!? So exciting joining a church as a family. I want to do the same! Jealous of the MOPS groups!