Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Recap

Whew...what a fun and busy weekend we had! 
My husband was out of town all last week so we were so excited to have him home for a long weekend.  
Friday night he didn't get home until around 7 so we just ate dinner and went to sleep right after Connor did.  Hubby had a long, long week of working outside in the 100+ degree heat in north Louisiana and east Texas.  I made a Chicken Noodle Casserole recipe that I found on Pinterest.  It was good but nothing special.
Saturday we hung around the house and watch the Texas A&M vs Rice game, spent time with Chris's dad and wife, then we got to have a date night.  It was the last night of Houston Restaurant Weeks so we took advantage of it and had an awesome dinner at America's.  3 course's for $35 and $5 of every meal goes to the Houston Food Bank.  This happens the whole month of August every year and we always try to make sure we go out a couple times for a yummy meal and help support a good cause!

Sunday was filled with church, a hibachi lunch and spending the evening at Chris's aunt and uncle's lake house.  We joined the church I grew up in since I was in 5th grade so it was a very special Sunday morning.  =) 

We were so happy to not have any plans on Monday.  Connor slept almost the whole day, off and on.  I did laundry, cleaned up the house and went grocery shopping.  Hubby kayaked for awhile and fried catfish for us last night.  Perfect ending to a fun weekend.
Now he is off to East Texas again for the rest of the week.  So Connor and I are trying to get back into our normal week day routine! 
And I almost forgot....HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!!!!  I am hoping for some Fall like weather SOON around here (but I am not going to hold my breath... living in Houston means hot, hot weather until sometime in October probably.  This month my brother (who just came home from a long deployment), sister-n-law and nephew are coming in town so we are all really excited to see them!  Here's to another busy, but fun month!

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