Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Over the weekend...

- Met up with a group of friends for margaritas at Berryhill before the DMB concert.

- Saw DMB in concert with our friends Bill & Linda.  We had my FIL's seats in a VIP box.  We were dead center and about 30 rows from the stage. 

- After the concert, we were starving (especially me...I finished the last of my juices and could finally eat again!) so we headed to Whataburger.  I savored ever bite of the breakfast taquito and dr pepper that I got :)  I was in Heaven!

-Saturday morning we had brunch with friends at Black Walnut Cafe. Love that place!

- We spent the afternoon laying out in our pool and grocery shopping.

- We had our friends Adam & Christa over for dinner.  We grilled hamburgers and I made a pasta salad, baked beans and strawberry shortcake.

-Sunday morning we headed into Houston for the day.  We had brunch at Babe Yega with our friends Chris & Kim then headed to watch the Astros lose to the Rangers.

- We ended the day by watching "The Vow" and eating sandwiches for dinner!

Fun & busy weekend!


Lia Joy said...

First things first... Go Rangers :)

And what did you think of The Vow? I want to see it but haven't convinced Corby yet.

Allison said...

Fun weekend!! I love Black Walnut Cafe, I have only been once but it was awesome!!!

Maggie D'Agnese said...

I loved The Vow, great blog!

Emily @ Raines and Shines said...

I want to see the vow! looks like a great weekend.