Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guest Post: Myra from The Little Aslam

Helllooo, sweet friends! I'm super excited to be guest posting for Leslie today! I met this awesome lady at work and after bonding over books and other random things, we discovered that we not only have the same awesome taste in books, but that we are both bloggers! YAY!

Anyyywhoo, in all my ramblin', I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Myra and I blog over at TheLittleAslam :) I'm a twenty-somethin' wife to Mr. A & momma to an adorbs pup. I've got a really goofy bone in my body and I tend to make awkward faces at random times.

[[seeee? but hubs makes random faces too, so it's okay, right?!]]

Today, I'm joining one of my favorite link-ups with Neely & Amber, called It's OK, Thursday :)

So today, It's OKAY...

That although I've enjoyed all my travels this month, I'm ready to go home and sit on my behind & enjoy a relaxing weekend.

That my obsession with The Vampire Diaries has led me to snuggle in bed and watch episode after episode. 

To be ready for a day by the pool with nothing to do and nowhere to go.

To feel proud of myself for giving it my best at work & at home - even if I come up short sometimes.

To be in super tears because of the stupid Glee season finale right now. Yeah, yeah, I'm being very responsible and writing this post up on Tuesday ;) Don't judge me. 

That I miss my girlfriends because being an adult means having responsibilities and not always getting to hang out.

To wish I had an endless supply of money so I could go shop-happy at all my fave stores ;) 

That I am hoping I get to make new blog friends after this post with those of you who follow Leslie!!

What are YOU sayin' is OK today?! 

Thanks Leslie for letting me steal your blog for a day! Hope you are having a fantastic time soakin' up the sun & celebrating your anniversary ;) 

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