Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We spent A LOT of time at home this weekend. It was our first weekend we were in town together at our new house. We did a lot of unpacking, organizing and decorating. And we did a lot of shopping at Pottery Barn, Bed Bath & Beyod and Target! I swear as soon as we make a little more progress on the house I will post a lot of pictures! :)

We had my father-in-law's really awesome, really fast Audi R10 parked in our garage over the weekend so we just HAD to take it for a little drive and out to dinner one night. This car is has a Lamborghini engine in it. The trunk is at the front of the car and the engine is at the rear. People were trying to race us and when we parked at the restaurant people were taking pictures of it. HA!

Date night at Mi Cocina! We LOVE this restaurant so much! Their margaritas are dangerous...they are called Mambo Taxi's and you are only allowed to order 3. I have never been able to drink more than 2! It was a much needed date night...our schedules have been so opposite and crazy lately and all of our time and energy has gone into our home so it was nice to get out and have a little fun :)

Hope ya'll had a fabulous weekend!!


Valerie Griffin said...

sounds fun! cute drink ;)

Sarah said...

Oh those margaritas sound awesome!

Mike and Sam Jasch said...

So glad you got to spend the weekend at home with Chris :) I can't wait to see your house! Aren't those margarita's the best?! xoxo