Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 7 Photo Challenge- Button

I got this button after waiting in line for 2 hours to see Lois, The Corpse Flower, at the Houston Museum of Natural Science a year ago. In case you don't know what a corpse flowers is, here it is:

She is very pretty but smells like a corpse...hence the name "corpse flower." The museum named her Lois and let me tell you, she was a big hit...she had her own twitter, facebook page and she headlined the news for days. Corpse flowers are really rare and they take years (literally) to bloom. I am pretty sure my husband (boyfriend at the time) thought I was insane when I begged him to take me to see it and wait in line for almost 2 hours!


Valerie Griffin said...

That is so neat we were both married on May 7! Yay! Happy 9 months to y'all! :)

mandell said...

I drug all my girlfriends to go see the flower one night at like midnight!! A once in a life time opportunity, right?! haha