Monday, February 20, 2012

My weekend vs. my husband's weekend

Monday came entirely too fast if you ask me...I know I could have used another day or 3 off! My weekend consisted of A LOT of unpacking, organizing and a little decorating. It was our first weekend in our new house and my hubby was in Vegas celebrating his little brother's 21st birthday so I had the weekend to myself and I have to say, I got A LOT done!

I did things like organize my cupcake liners, obsessively organize my pantry, finish the kitchen, the master bedroom/closet/bathroom, unpack at least 30 boxes, vacuum and more. All very exciting.

I forgot to mention that I was without power, all alone in our new house several times on Saturday thanks to the crazy storms moving across Texas AND yesterday when I was leaving to go to the gym, my car would not start. Hmph!

Now...for a look at what my husband was doing all weekend. And for those of you who think it was crazy that I "let" him go out of town to party in Vegas 4 days after moving in...he bought his plane ticket and planned this trip with his Dad and brother months before and I am not the type to tell him he can't go. Plus, it gave me a chance to get a lot of stuff done :) I missed him but I know he had fun and I got a lot done... it is a win win. If you thought I had an exciting weekend (ha) wait till you see what his looked like...

This is the actual flyer/ad that was created by the owner of The Bank nightclub in Vegas for my brother-in-law's 21st birthday celebration. My FIL spends a lot of time in Vegas and has gotten to know him really well so they organized this big party! The party was last night...needless to say, I have not heard from my husband yet today!

The new Kardashian store in Vegas. Hubby knows of my obsession with the Kardashians so he went to this store for me :) I got a candle from their DASH store in Miami and it is one of my favorite candles so I am hoping he got me a new one!

Saturday night they partied with P Diddy, Common and Lenny Kravitz. Their table was right next to their table. This is one of the few pictures he sent to me from that night. The night before they met Jerry Jones and his entourage. Must be nice!!

I am already looking forward to this weekend....we are both home, together, at the same time! Hallelujiah!

Happy Monday, Friends! Hope yall had a great weekend!!


Lia Joy said...

Sooo... I think you, Chris, Corby and I need to take a trip to Vegas together... And maybe your FIL can join and get us hooked up at all the clubs :)

I am dyyying to see pictures of the new house!! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

your pantry is looking great!

Sarah said...

Ok....totally jealous of your new pantry!! Looks like you got a lot done.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

oh my goodness you and your hubby had what looks like the coolest weekend! Loving your blog, new follower :)

Oh and i love the kardashians too lol

Allison said...

Sounds like he had an awesome weekend!!! Yours sounds super fun too, I am all about organizing!!