Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Our Honeymoon to Maui- Part 1

The past few weeks Chris and I have gotten A LOT of questions about our honeymoon...what our favorite parts were, where we ate, which companies we used for certain things we did, etc. It seems like so many people we know are planning trips to Maui in the near future so I got the idea to do a few posts on our entire honeymoon! It gives me a chance to re-live it a little, share with our family & friends all the details and hopefully help out those of you who are planning trips there! So, I am going to try to fit it all into 3 or 4 different posts over the next week so, make sure to check back in.
Maui was amazing, beautiful and we had the best time. If you ever have an opportunity to go, GO! I hope these posts give you a little glimpse into one of the best vacations we have ever been on :) Enjoy!

Day 1- Monday, May 9, 2011
We arrived in Maui on Sunday night but it was already dark so we did not get to see much. We pretty much checked in to our unbelievable suite in The Four Seasons Wailea, unpacked and went to sleep ( It was after midnight Houston time when we got to Maui so we were exhausted ). Of course Monday morning we wake up around 5:00 AM because that is 10 AM Houston time. It is already getting sunny there so we go out onto our enormous balcony and get to really see Maui for the first was BEAUTIFUL. We plan on staying at our resort all day Monday. We really wanted to have a couple days to just relax, hang out on our beach and pool and not go anywhere. We get ready and head down for breakfast at Duo in The Four Seasons. Our honeymoon package included "free" breakfast buffet every morning so that was awesome. This is not your average buffet people...this had every thing you can imagine. From eggs and bacon to a big table full of pastries, breads, muffins, to a waffle, pancake and omelet station, fruit and veggie section, cereals, granola, gluten free table and more and more. Plus, with every breakfast you got a "breakfast shot of the day". They were little smoothies they brought out each morning- one morning it was orange, one morning purple and so on. Always something different and interesting. We spend almost the entire day laying out in really comfy chairs by the pool and ocean. We move a couple times so we can be in the sun some of the time, and out of the sun. There were pool views and oceans views. The resort staff come by and refill your water every few minutes, bring you cold towels, cucumbers for your eyes, fruit kabobs and brownie bites...I was in Heaven! They even have sunscreen at the towel tents for you to use. They smelled like mango & coconut! Yum! For dinner, we had reservations at Ferraro's ( one of the resorts restaurants ). We had a great table with a beautiful view of the ocean & sunset.
Our time was still a little off so we got tired pretty early every night and really never stayed up past 10. HA! We felt so old. But, it was nice to be rested every day. So, that was it for day was very relaxing just being at the resort all day with no plans. Here are a few pictures of our room, resort, view and dinner at Ferraro's:

Day 2- Tuesday, May 10, 2011
This was one of our favorite days of our honeymoon. We attempted to sleep in ( did not work ), ate breakfast, took a long walk on the beach the headed to the airport for a helicopter tour over West Maui and Molokai. There are several helicopter companies but we were told the best ones were Sunshine Helicopters and Blue Hawaiian. One of my best friends, Jenn, used Sunshine Helicopters when her and her hubby were there for their honeymoon so we went with that one! Be prepared- it is EXPENSIVE. Around $300 per person...and then we paid a little bit extra so we could have first row seats ( by the pilot, best view )...but it is definitely worth every penny. We saw tons of waterfalls, beautiful coasts, clear blue water, mountains, cliffs...just look at my pictures ( although they do not do it justice ). It was a 1 hour tour and it was one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Make sure you do a helicopter tour if you are in Maui, save your money and do won't regret it!
After that was over we headed over to Ho'okipa Beach to watch the world famous windsurfers. That was so cool to watch, those guys are really talented!
And finally, we had reservations at Mama's Fish House. We were too early for dinner so we sat at the bar and had a fruity cocktail while we waited. We were finally seated for dinner and we had the best table in the was on the outer edge overlooking the beach and in it's own little private nook. We had lobster guacamole, champagne, mahi-mahi stuffed with crab & lobster ( one of the best things I have ever eaten ) and bread pudding. On the table was a personalized card from the restaurant congratulating us on our marriage and the manager even came over and brought me a fresh lei and chatted with us for awhile. This was a wonderful restaurant and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone! The food and service were awesome and the view is beautiful.
Here are some pictures from Day 2:

Check back tomorrow for Part 2! =)

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