Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Very Last Bump Update- 40 Weeks!

How far along? 40 weeks, 2 due date has come and gone.....
How big is baby?  The size of a pumpkin!  19-22 inches, 6-9 lbs.  At my doc. appt. on Wednesday my doctor estimated that baby was about 8.5-9 lbs.  Yikes!  
Total weight gain/loss?  +17 lbs  
Maternity Clothes?  That is all I can wear....maxi dresses, skirts, tank tops
Stretch Marks?  My sides and boobs and just noticed this week I have them on my lower stomach.  Boo.  I have used really good lotions and creams thru my whole pregnancy and they haven't worked.     
Sleep?   Much better the past week! Even though I wake up at least 3-4 times to use the bathroom, I go back to sleep easily and feel rested when I get up every day.         
Miss anything?  I can't wait to sleep on my stomach again!  Same as every week...I miss not being in constant pain and miss walking normal.        
Movement?  He is still moving all day, every day. I think he must be really hyper-active....I always read that at this stage you may not feel their movements as much because they have ran out of room.  Not the case for my little man...he moves ALL THE TIME.  I don't have to worry about counting kicks!            
Food Cravings?  Nothing new...still ice, anything cold, pasta     
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Meat in general.  This has been constant since the week I found out I was pregnant (4 weeks).  
Have you started to show yet?  My belly is HUGE!         
Gender?   Baby boy!! Connor Christopher :)
Labor Signs? 2 times in the past week I actually thought something might be happening....Saturday night and Tuesday morning.  I was having the worst cramps in my entire life.  I couldn't walk, I could barely breath, I would cry out in pain if I even was awful.  I would have a mixture of sharp cramps and Braxton Hicks and they would just all run together so I couldn't really time them.  But eventually it would get better so I never went to the hospital.      
Belly Button in or out?  Almost completely flat and so stretched out. 
Mood?  SO excited and happy that baby boy will be here in the next 4 days or less!  I am feeling a little anxious and nervous about the whole labor, delivery and recovery process.       
Cramping, braxton hicks, heartburn, slight swelling in hands, a lot of pressure and pain down below, hot flashes.  In church on Sunday I had to get up and leave about 20 minutes into the service...I was dripping sweat and starting to feel nauseous.  And new this week-  A couple brown spots (mask of pregnancy is what it's called I think??) have shown up on the right side of my face.        
Wedding rings still on?  Officially off :(  They made until 39 weeks then had to come off once I started really struggling to get them off at night.          
Best moments of the week? 
- Celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday 
- I had a great pre-natal massage on Friday :)
-  We brought all the baby equipment downstairs to the living room....our downstairs is looking much different these days, filled with swings, diapers, the pack n play, etc... All ready for when we bring Connor home next week!
Me & my Mom after lunch on Mother's Day
Looking forward to?
- Enjoying our last weekend as a family of 2!
- Having this sweet baby boy sometime in the next 4 days and bringing him home, hopefully around this time next week, or sooner!
- Getting to spend tomorrow morning with my 3 best friends!  :)
-Honestly???  Not being pregnant anymore.  I know recovery will be tough for a few weeks, but I am looking forward to losing the baby weight, running again and feeling like my old self.
- My dad & step mom coming in town at the beginning of the week.
Doctor Appt. Update-
I had my 4th and FINAL weekly appt. Wednesday morning!  Can't believe that 10 months worth of baby appt's is over.   I went into my doc. appt knowing that I had to be dilated given how much pain I had been in the past week.  But, nope...still nothing.  I am at a big fat 0 and his head is still high.  So, even though there is a chance I could still dilate and go into labor on my own, we don't think that is going to happen.  I am all set to check in to the hospital at 7 PM on Sunday.  They will insert the Cervidil and hope it dilates me overnight.  Then my doctor will come in to see me early Monday morning and she will HOPEFULLY be able to break my water, start me on Pitocin and get things going.  She did tell me she won't make me lay around all day not making any if by mid-day I am not making any progress, we will start planning for a c-section sometime Monday afternoon. 
So this was my last bump update!! I didn't do as good of a job keeping up with the weekly bump pics and updates as I had hoped but oh well! :)  I have one more post planned before baby comes, and I will try to do a post once Connor arrives next week, then I will probably take a couple weeks off from blogging as we adjust to having a newborn at home.
Thank you for following along with me the past 10 months and thank you for all the sweet comments and emails! xoxo


Sally said...

You look so so so amazing!! Enjoy these last moments feeling your baby kick!! :)) Enjoy welcoming him into the world!! xo

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

40 weeks and looking fabulous! I love that top, too! Hoping your baby boy makes his appearance soon! :)

Blue Dog Belle said...

Ekk!!! Yay!! So excited to "meet" Mr. Connor!

Meg O. said...

OMG I can't believe that this is your last bump update!! Seriously! Sending prayers and good happy thoughts for a safe delivery and I will seriously be thinking about you all week!! Can't wait to see pics of Connor!!!

Alex said...

you look great!!! SO CLOSE!!!

Alyx said...

So excited that you will get to meet the little guy on Monday, no matter what! You will do absolutely fabulous with the labor and delivery - don't be nervous, just remember that your body was made for this and that the reward for all of your hard work is holding and cuddling your sweet little baby!

You look fabulous!

Valerie Griffin said...

oh my! so excited! can't wait to see that beautiful boy! i'll be praying for y'all!

Lins @ Country Roots City Living said...

I can't wait to meet Connor!! I had to have the cervidel with my first..I ended up in a c-section. I will be honest I was nervous about my c-section but it was more in my mind then anything. It was not bad at all. My advice if you do have to get a c-section is to opt for the spinal and as soon as they let you get up and walk stay moving so you won't get stiff and sore. The recovery isn't bad at all as long as you stay moving. :) You are going to do great!!!!!

Sarah said...

Yay!! I cannot wait to read all about it. Good luck!!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I totally think stretch marks are genetic...there's no amount of lotion that can prevent them. I'm excited for you to go in Sunday...but secretly hope you get to go in earlier than that. Love that pic of you and your mom :)

eliz said...

Hmm wonder if baby is here? Can't wait to know! Adjusting with a newborn is hard...I am still trying to get used to it.

Myrna Wilson said...

Hi there! Just came across your blog thru "Little Aslam"
Love your belly pics! I'm a relatively new mom (5 months in) so love reading other mommy blogs - bonus: I'm homesick from time to time (currently expats in Abu Dhabi)and instantly ID'd your Mother's Day pics from one of my favorite weekend stomping grounds back home (Woodlands Mall).
Looking forward to following along!

The Cavallaro's said...

I love that Connor is here nowww!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAAYAY!