Tuesday, January 29, 2013

25 Week Bump Update!

How far along?  25 weeks...15 weeks to go!!
How big is baby?  Getting closer to 2 lbs and the size of an eggplant
Total weight gain/loss?  Lost 1/2 lb in the last 2 weeks...so total gain is 6 lbs
My stomach (uterus) is huge but luckily I have not gained too much anywhere else...YET! 
Maternity Clothes?  That's all I can wear these days!
Stretch Marks?  Yes...on my sides and boobs.  Boo.
Sleep?  Not so great the past few days.  I feel like I wake up to switch positions about 20x a night. 
Miss anything?  Not really
Movement?  All the time =)   Funny thing though...I think Pizza puts Connor to sleep for a loooong time.  I have eaten pizza twice in the past 8 weeks and each time, after I eat, I will barely feel him move for almost 24 hours.  After the first time it freaked me out, then it happened again after we ate pizza on Friday night.  I did not feel him again until late Saturday.  Pizza is the only thing that affects him this way though.  Anyone else ever had something like that happen??  
Food Cravings?  So random....cuban food and grilled plantains!  There was a restaurant I used to go to in Florida when I lived there that had the best cuban food ever... I came across some pictures of me in that restaurant yesterday and ever since then I have wanted it so bad! 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Red meat and mint gum
Have you started to show yet?  Oh yeah...big time.    
Gender?  Baby Boy!  Connor Christopher :) 
Labor Signs?  Braxton Hicks every once in awhile but no actual labor signs 
Belly Button in or out?  In, but it is getting shallow
Happy or Moody most of the time?  Happy, happy!!  :) 
Symptoms?  My tailbone pain is a lot better these days...I have had 2 chiropractor appointments and it is helping A LOT. Still having the pubic bone pain but it is bearable.  And just in the past week my heartburn prescription is not working so well.  I take it, but am still getting heartburn late in the day so I take a Zantac and that helps.  
Best moment of the week?  Getting the nursery furniture delivered and all set up!  It looks so good and I can't wait to share pictures soon!    
Looking forward to?  My first baby shower in a little less than 2 weeks! :)


Allison said...

Eek! You look great! I can't wait to see nursery pictures.

Alex said...

Have you considered drinking Evamor? It really helps with my acid reflux!

Blue Dog Belle said...

25 weeks? When did that happen!!! You look fabulous.

Lia Joy said...

awww you look great :) I can't wait to meet Connor!!!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

New friend! I just posted by 25 week update today--we're due a day apart :) I found you from Mrs. Valerie from Along the Way with V & J. Looking forward to reading about your journey and going through this together.