Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A few things I am loving at the moment.....

- May Books
I have been a loyal Erin Condren customer for the past year and a half and I do still love her planners but I can't help but LOVE the latest planner craze, May Books.  I love all the ways you can customize your planner with different covers, monograms, fonts, colors, pages and more.  I ordered a 2012-2013 planner and a blank one and can't wait for them to come in!

- My latest reads!
Head over to Lia Joy's blog post for today to read all about the books her and I have read the past couple of weeks.  We have quickly become book BFF's and text each other multiple times a day with suggestions for new books and thoughts of books just finished.  We have both been reading the same books lately and she did a full post with all the details and her thoughts on them.  If you need a new book to read, you need to check it out...there are some seriously awesome books we have finished!
- Less than a month until all the good Fall shows are back!  FINALLY!
Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, DWTS...can't wait!
-My new VS PINK lotion-
Pink Warm & Cozy....this smells amazing.  It has a warm, vanilla scent to it and leaves my skin so smooth.  I have always been a VS lotion fan and this might be my favorite smelling one I have tried.  I also got the body scrub and love it too.  Makes my whole bathroom smell yummy!
- And just a few favorite quotes :)



Blue Dog Belle said...

These are super cute. I was just saying to someone earlier, I normally just use my phone/work calendar to keep track of my appointments, but I'm always jealous of the super cute planners that people tote around. Hmm... now I have some thinking to do.

JKT said...

YES to the Maybooks! I have an EC planner that runs from Nov 2011- Nov 2012 so I'm trying to figure out where my next one will be from. I think I'm going to try Maybooks :)

Loving all those quotes, too.