Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Hi sweet friends and happy Wednesday!! 
 Once again, I am linking up with Jamie and sharing what I am loving this week.
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I AM new camera strap cover!  I came across this cute shop a few weeks ago and loved her stuff.  I ordered this over for my Nikon but mine is red, not lime green.

I AM LOVING...Our fun weekend plans ahead.  Our friend's, Chance & Laura, are coming in town from Dallas.  They got married in April and we have not seen them since their wedding.  We have plans for a big night out and spending a lot of time in the pool and on the lake.

I AM LOVING...this new shampoo & conditioner line I started using a couple weeks ago.  It is called Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy.  I love how this shampoo makes my hair feel and smell.  They say in 7 days that you will have stronger, healthier, better feeling hair and I can say that they are right.  I noticed an immediate difference but after a full week of using it I feel like my hair is stronger and softer than it has been in a long time.  You can find it at any drug store and it is only about $5!  Can't beat that!

I AM LOVING...the new book I am reading.  It is called "BLOOM" by Kelle Hampton.  This book is AMAZING.  One of the most inspirational, life changing books I have read.  If you are a Mom, want to be a Mom, know someone who is a Mom or in general, are a NEED to read this book.  I promise you will love it and it will most likely change your life :)

I AM LOVING...Arie from The Bachelorette.  I hope she chooses him...I think they have the best chemistry and is such a cutie! 

On a side note...Kalon ( the weirdo from Houston ) needs to go home ASAP.  Why do all the guys from Houston end up being crazy?!

I AM sweet hubby, as always :) 


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Whitney said...

What a cute camera strap! I agree with you about Arie and Kalon as well...really hoping Arie wins! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! :)