Friday, June 8, 2012


Pottery Barn.
Sugar Free Red Bull.
A Baby Laughing.
Fresh Flowers.
Southern Living Magazine.
Being On A Boat.
My Favorite Lunch: Pasta Pesto Chicken Salad, Sweet Potato Fries And Lemonade From Cafe Express. 
Brunch On The Weekends.
Getting A Really Good Review At Work.
Breakfast Tacos.
Restaurants And Bars With Patios.
Family Vacations.
The Beach.
The Smell Of Suntan Lotion.
Sharing Fruit Mentos During Flights With My Husband.
The Cupid Shuffle.
Texas Country.
Hand Written Notes On Cute Stationary.
My Best Friends.
Trying A New Recipe.
Rodeo Season In Houston.
Chocolate Milk.
Porches With Rocking Chairs.
Sweet Tea.
Sunrises And Sunsets.
Two-Stepping With My Husband.
 Air Miles And Hotel Points.
Standing In Times Square.
The Smell Of Coconut.
Drinking Champagne.
Reading A Book You Can't Put Down.
My Husband's Ribs, Burgers And Shrimp Boil.
Packing For Vacation.
Backstreet Cafe In Houston.
4:00 PM Monday-Friday.
Ridiculous Amounts Of Reality TV.
Memorial Park.
Weekends With No Plans.
Weekends With Plans.
No Traffic Driving Home From Work.
Sleeping Puppies.

Have A Happy Friday!


Paige said...

Great list! So many things on there that make me happy too. Hope you have a great weekend!

Myra said...


Happy Friday, lady! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

JKT said...

I'm LOVING your post. I love reminding myself of little things that make me happy....and I'm needing that a lot right now! Thanks for sharing those great quotes too, I'm a sucker for quotes!

Jen said...

love it! there are so many things to be happy about... we just have to take the time to revel in them once in a while (or every day would be even better!). :) happy friday!

Sarah said...

Love this....we have a lot in common.