Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Recap!

- Friday night hubby and I went out to dinner at one of our favorite local Chinese restaurants then made a trip to Home Depot for some lava rock for our fire pit and a few gardening tools.   Late that night our friends, Chance & Laura, arrived from Dallas to spend the weekend with us.  

- Saturday morning I made breakfast tacos and fruit salad for us then the boys headed out to golf and Laura and I went and get mani's & pedi's then spent the rest of the day lounging in the pool.  I definitely did not use enough sunscreen...I got cooked!   That night we made a shrimp boil filled with shrimp, sausage, corn, onions and potato's and had banana pudding & key lime pie for dessert!
  He loves my Marley Lilly hat :)

- Saturday night we headed out to Bar Louie and Crush Wine Lounge for awhile.

- Sunday morning we got up bright and early, headed to brunch at Black Walnut Cafe then headed to Lake Conroe to spend the afternoon on the boat.  I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible.  As you can tell from the pictures above I look a bit like a lobster.  We had spent several hours on the lake then had lunch at Sam's Boat before it was time for Laura & Chance to head back to Dallas.

Love my monogrammed gear!

On a side note...I have finally made the switch from a blackberry to an iphone.  My blackberry managed to get a virus last week and there was no way to fix it and I was due for an updated phone anyways, my company went ahead and ordered me an iphone. Whohoo! I have no clue how to use it and it is already irritating me a little BUT from what I hear I will eventually love the iphone much more than the blackberry.  We'll see...
Not going to lie though...I wanted an iphone just so I could have Instagram. :)

And finally, some heartbreaking news.... You may remember this post I did back in March.  Well, Thatcher Caleb lived 2 months and 29 days and this past Friday night Heaven got a new baby angel.  If you think about it please take a minute and say a prayer for his Mommy, Daddy and their families as they grieve the loss of this sweet baby boy.  I can not even begin to imagine the pain they are going thru but their faith and trust in God these past 3 months has been amazing and inspiring.  If you want to learn more about their story and Thatcher, head over to their blog .


Lauren said...

I switched from BB to an iphone as well - it definitely takes some getting used to, but I love it now! Well, except for when I'm texting and often hit the wrong key...I still miss the buttons for that!

Kristin said...

I made the switch from a BB to an iphone in April and it has been the best thing! It does take a little getting used to but it runs SO MUCH FASTER than my BB did!

JKT said...

That sounds like the best weekend!! Looks like a great time :)

Paige said...

You will LOVE your iPhone! Looks like a great weekend. Hope you have a great week!

Sarah said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...on the other hand, I just read that sweet family's blog and my heart is breaking for sad!

Sarah said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend...on the other hand, I just read that sweet family's blog and my heart is breaking for sad!