Wednesday, April 11, 2012

{ Guest Post: Charming Chippendale Chairs }

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica from Arcadian Lighting, a blog and website where I get to write about the latest interior design trends and all the beautiful lighting fixtures that go with them. I'm delighted to be guest posting for Leslie today because I'm going to be sharing a collection of interiors that feature a charming piece of furniture: the Chippendale chair. Thomas Chippendale was a furniture maker in the mid 1700s. His signature chair is identified by Chinese-style latticework and a shiny lacquer. I hope you enjoy!
Chippendale Chairs These all-white Chippendale chairs are perfectly at home on this bright and airy patio. The green Chinese garden stool really picks up on the color of the fresh greenery surrounding the home.
Chippendale Chairs The fiery orange color of these Chippendale chairs certainly add a tropical feel to this enclosed patio. I love the contrast of colors and the different chairs at the ends of the table.
Chippendale Chairs The fun ocean themed of this dining room draws on beautiful turquoise waters and bright orange coral. The tropical themed ceiling light and seahorse wall art complete the scene.
Chippendale Chairs The chic white Chippendale chairs add to the wonderful eclectic feel of this dining room. The striped sofa on the other side of the table is a neat touch.
Chippendale Chairs Highly polished industrial pendant lights and several Chippendale chairs add plenty of eye catching detail to this all-white dining room. The plate rack at the end of the room is a great idea for displaying fine china.
Chippendale Chairs With colorful upholstery and a bright red paint color, these Chippendale chairs are amazingly fun and youthful. The pink walls and sheer white curtains add a fresh, feminine feel to the room as well.
Chippendale Chairs This cozy corner is bright and inviting with it's Chippendale chairs and the high-backed striped sofa. The golden floor lamps are lovely modern accents that fit in well the eclectic style of this room.
Chippendale Chairs The lovely blue wall color and matching Chippendale chairs really help open up this corner dining room. Large fiddle leaf figs fill the room with natural beauty.  Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
How much do you love Chippendale chairs? Do you prefer them colorful and quirky, or chic and sophisticated? Let us know in the comments! And be sure to stop by Arcadian Lighting for a chandelier or sparkling pendant light or two for your own dining room!

Thank you, Jessica for putting together this guest post on these beautiful chairs!  I know I could use a chippendale chair or 2 in my home.  I spent an hour browsing the Arcadian Lighting website last week and found so many cute pieces for our new home...time to shop, ladies!

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Meg {henninglove} said...

ok so i saw in the title chippendale chairs and i thought what?! like the chippendales in vegas. thank goodness it obviously had nothing to do with that and these chairs are much more tasteful than chippendales