Thursday, October 24, 2013

Connor- 5 months!

This past Sunday my little man turned 5 months old. The past month has been a lot of fun...his little personality is coming out more and he is growing and changing so much!  I just can't quite wrap my head around the fact that he is almost half a year old! 
Here's what he's been up to this past month.....

Weight/Height- On 10/4/13 he was 26 1/2 in (89 %) and 17.2 lbs (74 %) so I am guessing by now he is about 18 lbs.  He is getting HEAVY!  
Sleep-  Much, much better!  He is going to sleep about 8 PM and sleeping until 6-7 AM.  He is still waking up once a night most nights, usually around 4.  Every once in awhile he will wake up around 1 but after fussing for a few minutes he will go back to sleep on his own.  During the day he is pretty good about taking 2 long naps ( 2-3 hours ).  I have noticed if he misses his morning nap it kinda throws the rest of the day off so morning naps are very important around here.   He is sleeping in his crib at night and during the day for naps and he only sleeps on his tummy now.
Feedings-   I am still breastfeeding and it is still going great! But we have also started stage 1 foods.  At his 4 month appt. (which was actually at 4 1/2 months) our doctor talked to us about starting foods and we all agreed that Connor was definitely ready.  I planned on EBF until 6 months, then starting food but after reading up on it and talking to the doctor I decided we were ready. We did oatmeal (mixed with breast milk) one time a day for 1 week, then started his first real food...avocado! He loved it!  He would reach for the spoon and make the cutest faces.  Next we tried sweet potato then carrots. We have also tried prunes a few times because he has had some tummy issues ;)  He is only getting food 1-2x a day and usually only an ounce at each feeding.  On top of that he is still nursing about 6-7x in a 24 hour period. 
Clothing/Diapers-  Size 3 diapers, clothes 6-9 months, pjs 9 months 
Favorite Equipment-  We have put away the swing and the bouncer :(  We were never using them anymore and he tries to wiggle or flip out of them too much so we decided it was time to put them away.  He loves his exersaucer, play mat, high chair and BOB jogging stroller.  I also have set up a big blanket on the floor of our living room where all his toys and a few books are.  We spend a lot of time down there every day.  He loves holding all his little toys (and chewing on them) and loves to be able to roll back and forth. 
Mommyhood-   I am feeling great and my husband isn't traveling as much as he was.  Whohooo!  I started baby boot camp 2-3x a week and love it!  Feels good to be getting back into shape and love meeting other local moms and their babies. 
Big Moments/Favorite Things: 
- Started sleeping on tummy all the time.  He sleeps so much better and longer that way!
- Rolls over, both ways, but mostly from back to stomach
- Loves to practice standing and bouncing in exersaucer
- He loves my hair.  He is always playing with it, pulling it, putting it in his mouth, etc..  When I am nursing him he loves to hold onto it :)
- Favorite songs-  "Twinkle, Twinkle,"  "I love you, you love me," and "You are my sunshine"  He squeals and gets so excited when anyone sings one of those 3 to him. 
- Loves to eat his feet and loves to reach out and touch our faces, hands, arms...
-  Had our first visit to the pumpkin patch.....we took pictures with all the pumpkins, played in the petting zoo and he swung for the first time! He loved the donkeys, goats and swing :)
- He got to meet mommy's doctor that delivered him.  He loved all the ladies in the doc office.  I think everyone in there held him!
- He can sit up on his own!  Still a little wobbly and will tip over after a couple minutes but he can sit with out any support now... 2 weeks ago he couldn't do that.



Kate said...

Oh my word! You took him to the ark and he went on the swings? That is the cutest thing ever and I cannot believe that a 5 month old is able to do that. Trace will be 5 months in 5 weeks and now that I know that, I will definitely be taking him to the park in late November. So fun!!

Karina Marie Powell said...

Oh my goodness he is perfect! What a little cutie. I love that picture of him and you with the pumpkin! So cute! And in his A&M gear!? TOOO cute! If you are ever close to me I would LOVE to get together. I need your contact info! Happy 5 months sweet boy!

Sarah @ Life, Love & Dinner said...

He is adorable! And getting so big!!

..:danielle:.. said...

omg i just love love love him and his eyes and cheeks and everything about him! haha. happy 5 months!!

Nat said...

Oh my goodness what a cutie!!! Can't believe you put the swing and bouncer away- the swing in such a lifesaver in our house I'm dreading that day! My doc said we could start with rice cereal now that Miller is 4 months but they hold off on other food until after 6 months. Our first attempt with rice cereal was not the best so we'll se how it goes. Have you been making your own or buying it?