Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Bump Update- 31 Weeks!


Picture taken on 3/9/13 at 30 weeks 4 days
How far along?  31 weeks 1 day....we are in the single digit countdown now! 9 weeks or less to go!  
How big is baby?  Approximately 18-19 inches and getting close to 4 lbs 
Total weight gain/loss?  +10.5 lbs.  I really feel like I have gained about 40 lbs though.  My uterus is just gigantic...even my doctor confirmed that I have a very large uterus.  Wonder if that means baby is really big too??
Maternity Clothes?  Everyday!  
Stretch Marks?  Yep...on my sides and boobs.  
Sleep?   TERRRRRIBLE.  The past few nights I have just gotten up and gone to our guest room so that my husband can actually get some sleep.  I am probably sleeping 3-4 hours total each night.  My mind is racing, my legs and arms feel restless and my back and hips are killing me.  Tylenol PM and multiple warm baths help a little.  
Miss anything?  I would love to have a red bull or 2 about now ;)  I miss sleeping good at night most of all.
Movement?  I think we have a future soccer play growing in my belly.  He is so active all day, every day.  The kicks are getting a little painful but it is still the best feeling.     
Food Cravings?  Macaroni & Cheese, strawberries, Chick-Fil-A sweet tea 
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Red meat = gross.
Have you started to show yet?  I get asked if I am having twins, yes, definitely!    
Gender?  Baby Boy!  Connor Christopher :) 
Labor Signs?  The braxton hicks are stronger these days. 
Belly Button in or out?  In still but it is getting really shallow!
Mood?  Happy, anxious and excited...but tired and a little overwhelmed when I think about how much I still need to do.   
Lack of sleep, shortness of breath, really bad hip pain at night, pubic bone pain and still dealing with lower back/tailbone pain.  I plan on continuing to go to the chiropractor once a week from here on out.   My prescription for my heartburn does not work too well anymore so now I eat Tums all day too.  The acid reflux was so bad one day last week that I actually threw up.  Even water gives me HB! 
Wedding rings still on?  YES!  I have been very lucky to not have any swelling thru this whole pregnancy so far (knock on wood).  I see pictures of friends swollen, painful feet and have friends who have not been able to wear their wedding rings since 24 weeks but I am so happy that I have not had to deal with any of that yet.  Hoping it stays that way!       
Best moments of the week? 
-Started our Preparing for Childbirth class ( 2 down, 2 to go) and seeing my husband dressed in the "Empathy Belly"  He was chosen to wear the 35 lb fake belly and walk around and pick up laundry off the floor.  It was hilarious and he now has a whole new appreciation for what women go thru :) 
I look very sleepy (or Asian) in this picture....
 - I finished registering at the hospital....feels good to have that done!
- We had our 4d ultrasound on Monday and got to watch Connor move around for 30 minutes.  He loves to keep his little hands and arms in front of his face so we did not get any really good pictures but it was awesome to just lay there and watch him for so long.  He was opening and closing his mouth, playing with the umbilical cord and covering his face with his sweet little hands.  The ultrasound tech confirmed he is already head down and it is very unlikely that at this stage he will flip.  This was great news!!
Looking forward to?
-Our maternity pictures on Sunday! 
-Going to see Luke Bryan at the Rodeo on Saturday night
-Spending a lot of time this weekend putting all the baby equipment together and working on the nursery
Thoughts:   I had a really productive week last week....chose Connor's pediatrician, registered at the hospital, got the diaper bag in the mail, got my Whooping Cough shot (which is so painful by the way...not the actual shot but the 3-4 days after the shot are awful.  I got it Friday afternoon and today is the first day I can use my arm like normal and not almost cry every time it touches something),  found the rug for his room and several other random projects.  I realized this week how much we still need off our registries too...that was a little overwhelming.  We have a shower next weekend in Dallas then it will be time for us to buy everything we are missing.  
Nursery progress- No big updates here.....I have a long way to go.  I finally found the rug for the room which was a huge relief.  I found what I wanted online but it was $400 and there was no way I wanted to spend that on a rug but I got really lucky and found exactly what I wanted at Garden Ridge Pottery of all places and it was only $99!!! WHOHOO!  I painted his name this week and hope to get that hung in the next couple of weeks and today I am getting all the prints framed.  The bedding, curtains and pillows are still being made and will be ready in early to mid April. 


Lindsay said...

You're getting so close! I love that empathy belly. What a brilliant idea!

Carolyn said...

You're getting so close! That dress is SO PRETTY! I love it! And I love that they put the hubs in the empathy belly. SO FUNNY!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Look at you miss productive! I've got to figure out the pediatrician asap. Our class isn't until mid April.. Kind of freaking out about that just a bit. But we are going to register pretty soon. You look so pretty! Love that dress from the wedding.

Kristen said...

your dress is so cute! and i get asked too if i'm having twins, it makes me want to shank a beezy

Alexandra Hovatter said...

Oh, I would've paid money to see my husband wear an empathy belly. That's hilarious!!! I remember those last weeks of pregnancy, it is a LOT to deal with. I would put on my wedding ring and wake up to pain because my hand had swollen during the night. Walking around was such an effort, I remember forgetting milk at the grocery store and looking down the aisle and going "mehhh, another day". Third trimester is the hardest, but gosh is it worth it once they're here. My boy just turned 4 months today... it feels as though pregnancy was a far off dream ha. I'm wishing you and your family the best, babies are a blessing!