Monday, September 10, 2012

Vegas & Weekend Recap!

Well, this should be a post full of pictures from day 2 and 3 of our trip to Vegas over Labor Day weekend but the pictures on my phone and camera are not cooperating with blogger so this will just be a picture less, quick recap.
-Saturday 9/1/12
Slept in, ordered room service, laid out at our hotel pool for a few hours, dinner at The Stratosphere, saw Lacey Schwimmer from DWTS, saw Peepshow with Holly Madison (she had just announced a few days before that she is pregnant! We were dead center, 2nd row...about 5 feet from her and all the other dancers) ,  had cocktails at The Wynn (home of Prince Harry's wild night), danced all night to DeadMau5 @ Tryst Nightclub at The Wynn, drank too much champagne again, went to bed at 3 AM.  My father in law got a table and bottle service again at Tryst and he even had a security guard/body guard for our table.  Any time we needed to go to the bathroom, the body guard took us.  When we were ready to leave, we were escorted out by the body guard.  This is how my FIL does things =)  I could get used to that!
-Sunday 9/2/12
Slept in, watched the fountains at the Bellagio, ate lunch at Olives at the Bellagio, walked thru the lobby's of all the hotels, rode the gondola at The Venetian, took a nap, dinner @ Yellow Tail Sushi in The Bellagio (so yummy), saw Cirque du Soleil's O show ( AAAMAZING!), had a table at The Bank Nightclub (with 2 bodyguards again), partied with Criss Angel, a backup dancer for Kanye West and a new member of the Houston Rockets.  Once again...this is how my FIL does things :)  The Kanye West dancer was texting with Chris Brown and kept telling us he was coming too but he never game.  This may have been the must fun night of my life.  It once again included dancing ALL.NIGHT.LONG and drinking champagne.  Went to sleep at 4:30 AM.
I hate it that I can't share more pictures :( Boo.  I can't even upload the rest of them to Facebook. Ughhh... was the most fun, crazy weekend I have had in years, or maybe ever.  I have definitely gotten my fix of Vegas though.  I don't want to go back for another year or 2 at least.  It's been a week and I am finally just now feeling recovered. 
And now for this past weekend....
Friday night we had my parents over for dinner and to see hubby's new car and some things we have done to our house.  Speaking of hubby's car...I can FINALLY show a picture.
I used to work for BMW so they gave him a great deal on the car that he really wanted.  It was too good of a deal to pass up so he went for it.  And we absolutely love it!  I am now the driver of his Tahoe...I love it but parking it is taking some getting used to. 
Saturday, hubby and his best friend headed to College Station for the first SEC game against Florida.  I ran a couple errands, took a 3 hour nap, watched The Lucky One, went to Hobby Lobby, then watched more movies.
Sunday, more of the same...ran a few errands but mostly just laid around and did nothing :)  It was a much needed, relaxing weekend. 
I am officially a football widow for the next 6 months so this will be quite a few of my weekends over the coming months. 
Now onto a busy week ahead!
Hope you had a great weekend! xo


Veronica Lee Burns said...

I love the last sign there. We so need that!

Jamie said...

I sent that sign to my husband last week and he said I could buy it. If I knew where to put it in my house, I totally would :)

Kristin said...

love the bmw!

Erwin Calverley said...

Your hubby must be very happy to have a good deal on the car that he really wanted. He should be thankful that he had a partner who used to work for BMW. Negotiating with a car dealership to get the car of your dreams is quite challenging, especially if it’s your first time to buy a car.

>Erwin Calverley

Ashely Redden said...

Your hubby must be so thankful for that amazing deal. I guess your work with BMW paid off with this car. In case you're planning to get another car, you can look for auto dealers that offer great deals, without compromising the car's quality. :)