Monday, April 15, 2013

{My Pregnancy Survival Guide}

With my pregnancy coming to an end in about 4 weeks (hopefully!) I thought I would share with you some of my favorite things these days....things that have helped me survive the past 9 months, and especially the 3rd trimester.
1.  Pregnancy Books
If you know me or have been following my blog for a long time, you know I am a big reader.  When I first found out I was pregnant I read every book I could get my hands on.  I wanted to know everything there is to know about my pregnancy and my baby.  I read the funny books, medical books and the week by week books.  These were a few of my favorites:

2.  The Bath Tub
The past couple of months I have spent A LOT of time in the bathtub.  It is pretty much the only thing that gives me any relief from the aches, pains and restless arms & legs. There have been days I have taken 4 baths but mostly I take one mid-morning and one right before I go to bed.  I have even gotten up in the middle of the night and taken one.  The warm water and Bath and Body Works Lavender Chamomille Bubble Bath work wonders.  It helps ease the pains and helps me relax.  The hospital I am delivering at actually has a few hydrotherapy tubs in the birthing center and  they will let you use them when you are in labor (but before your water has broken).  You better believe I will use one if I am able to.  =)

(Best stuff ever)
3.  Soma Intimates Sleepwear and Undies
At the end of the first trimester when I officially had a bump and started to get uncomfortable at night I went on a mission to find comfortable things to sleep in and keep me cool at night.  I also knew I would need different under garments as my body grew.  Soma Intimates has been a lifesaver.  I sleep in their night gowns every night and only wear their undies.  They are cool, comfortable, soft and there are tons of cute prints.  But, they are not maternity...I just buy a size up from what I wore pre-preggo and they fit perfectly!

4.  My Husband
My hubby has been amazing throughout the past 9 months and I don't think I could have made it at times if it wasn't for him.  He has taken care of me many times when I have been sick, put up with my crazy cravings and indecisiveness, been involved in every decision and moment, taken breastfeeding and childbirth classes (and not complained once), helped out so much around the house and stayed home with me at times when I knew he could have been out doing something fun with his friends.  He worries about me and always wants what is best for me.  My love and appreciation for him has quadrupled since I got pregnant and I can not wait to see him as a Daddy in a few weeks.  And now I am crying.......
5.  Social Media Friendships
I have made some amazing friends thru the blogging, Instagram and Facebook world and one of the most helpful things during this pregnancy is having so many people that are pregnant at the same time to go thru it with. Through blogging I have become friends with or follow 9 others who are due within 1-2 months of me....these are girls I keep in touch with regularly and follow their blogs religiously and I am so thankful for every one of them.  There are several that are even due the same week as me and it has been so fun getting to go thru this (over the internet and thru pictures) together!   My husband makes fun of me and thinks it's a little weird I have so many "pen pals" as he calls them. haha
Of course I am so thankful for my family, best friends and friends in real life too....they call to check on me regularly and answer all my millions of questions, hosted amazing showers for us and will be the best "aunts" to Connor.  God really has blessed us with some pretty awesome people in our lives :)  Love you all!
6.  Maternity Dresses & Skirts
I live in maxi dresses and skirts these days.  Jeans and pants in general are too uncomfortable.  In my opinion Old Navy and GAP have the best selections for these pieces and they aren't very expensive! 

(All photos via Old Navy website)
I am leaving out a bunch of random things that helped get me thru pregnancy but these are some of the most important and essential in my experience :)
What helped you?
Happy Monday! xoxo


Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

I've said yes, yes and yes to every single one of these! You better believe I'll be hanging in the bath tub at the hospital(before water breaks/epidural). The bath tub is so calming to me and just a great way to relax. I'll have to try the B&B Works lavender chamomile...I know I'd love it too since I love anything lavender :) I almost went yesterday to pick some new bubble bath from I'm glad I waited lol. I also definitely feel the same about our bloggy friends. It's so nice to have so many friends that are right there with you throughout this experience :)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I need to get some of that Lavender Chamomile bubble bath! But I totally agree with you on all of those.

Alex said...

I was so excited that I could possibly have a bath tub at the hospital....too bad my water broke before i even got to the hospital! I could have so used it!

Valerie Griffin said...

great list!

eliz said...

I gotta tell you some of the maternity books are pretty scary hahaa. I totally agree with you that you really see how helpful your husband can be...I wouldn't survive without mine!

Kristin said...

getting closer and closer!

The Cavallaro's said...

I love that Jenny McCarthy book and ordered it on my kindle right after I found out I was pregnant!

And I totally agree with ON & Gap maxis! I actually just purchased that blue/yellow/green maxi from ON last week!

I'm going to have to try out Sonoma as I never have and agree with you about stuff already feeling uncomfortable!

The Cavallaro's said...

*Soma, whoops

Meg {henninglove} said...

you are the second blogger to talk about the jenny mccarthy book to get the real truth about pregnancy! i think i will be living in maxi skirt and dresses whenever a pregnancy comes my way

suzan said...

I need to get some of that Rose Chamomile tea percolate bath! But I completely believe the fact with you on all of those.
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KingHawk said...

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