Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap & Some Half-Marathon News

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Mine was good, minus the being sick part...
Friday night we had dinner at El Real and saw "Bad Teacher" with our friends Kim & Chris! El Real is awesome...for those of you in Houston who have not been. It is quickly becoming one of my fave Mexican ( Tex-Mex ) restaurants in the area. The margarita mixed with sangria is DELICIOUS!! Stong, but delicious :) It is very reasonably priced, the service is awesome and the place is HUGE.
"Bad Teacher was good and really funny...definitley worth seeing. It was a little more vulgar that I thought it would be but we all laughed a lot and had a great time. I love Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake and thought they were great together is this movie!

Saturday we attempted to sleep in ( it did not work ), Chris cooked us breakfast and we started our errands & house projects. We went to Hobby Lobby and I finally found a cookbook stand that I have been looking for! YAY! I serioulsy have looked EVERYWHERE and finally found one at Hobby Lobby. That is the greatest store ever. We ended up buying a lot more than we went for and spending way more than we planned...but it was all stuff we needed/wanted for our house :) We went to Macy's and finished buying a few things we needed that we forgot to register for. Thank goodness for giftcards...luckily we got a TON of them so we did not have to spend any of our own money. I started feeling really bad at this point so we went home before doing anything else. I laid down for a few minutes thinking I would feel a little better if I rested and I ended up sleeping for about 3 hours! While I slept, Chris went shopping for new flowers for our little yard and some stones and planted them on his own. So sweet :)

Sunday I had a bunch of random house projects to do so that kept me busy all day. I am going to post some pics later this week on the progress I have made!
My hubby makes the best ribs EVER and I had made a special request earlier in the week for him to make them over the weekend so he made them for us Sunday night and they were amazing, as always!

This was the first weekend we have both been in town at the same time and home since our wedding! It was so nice to have a weekend at home to get some rest, finish some house projects and cook our own meals... hopefully one day we have more weekends like that!

Now, on to the latest running news...I did not get into the Aramco Houston Half-Marathon lottery. :( I knew there was a very good chance of this happening but I am pretty disappointed. I have ran this half marathon the past 2 years and always have a lot of friends that do it, so it will be sad not to be part of it this year. But I am excited for a lot of my friends who did get in and are running their first FULL MARATHON!!! WHOHOO! I will definitetly be there to cheer all of them on!
Now I am looking for a half-marathon to do sometine in January or the beginning of February. I have quite a few options but would like to try to find one that I know people who will also being running in it... So, I will have to work on that.
Since I was sick last week and over the weekend I only got to run 3 miles. So much for that 10 mile goal, huh? And unfortunately, I am still a little sick...I have an awful cough and can't breathe thru my nose. So, I am not going to expect much this week either. I would like to at least walk the Memorial Park Loop a couple times just to get some exercise in but we'll see.

Hopefully this week flys by... I am ready to spend 4th of July weekend out on Lake Conroe.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Happy Monday!

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